Breaking Benjamin – 2015 – Dark Before Dawn

By Eric | June 27, 2015 6:00 pm

Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Title: Dark Before Dawn
Label: Hollywood
Released: Jun 23, 2015
Packaging: Jewel Case
Pack-in DVD?
Release Type: Standard


#Angels Fall
#Breaking The Silence
#Close to Heaven
#Bury Me Alive
#Never Again
#The Great Divide
#Ashes of Eden


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Tremonti – 2015 – Cauterize

By Eric | June 21, 2015 6:00 pm

Artist: Tremonti
Title: Cauterize
Label: FRET12
Released: Jun 9, 2015
Packaging: Digipack
Pack-in DVD?
Release Type: Standard


#Radical Change
#Flying Monkeys
#Arm Yourself
#Dark Trip
#Another Heart
#Fall Again
#Tie The Noose


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06/05/2015 Will Hoge, Ashton Hollow (Buffalo, NY @ Buffalo Iron Works)

By Eric | June 6, 2015 3:44 pm

It had been seven long years since Tiffany and I had seen Will Hoge last, so it goes without saying that both of us were excited for this show. While I’d been to Buffalo Iron Works a couple of times just to hang out, I’d never been there for a proper show (seeing a Pearl Jam cover band after the PJ show notwithstanding!). It turned out to be a fantastic small venue. Tiff and I managed to get a “front row” table in the small balcony they have directly above the soundboard. It was a good thing we did, because we were able to sit from the time we arrived at 8:30, all the way through the openers set from 9-10, and through most of Will’s set also.

The openers were Ashton Hollow, and they were what I’d call the prototypical modern country band. A hint of rock, a lot of twang, and every song mentioning whiskey at least twice. They sounded fine, but their hour was way more than enough for our tastes. During set change we found out we were surrounded in the balcony by fellow Will Hoge die-hards, and Rochester natives at that!

The wait was well worth it, however, as Will Hoge came on and proceeded to rock and roll us through a nearly two hour, 23 song set filled with equal parts new songs, old favorites, and some deep cuts spanning his entire catalog. This was our fourth time seeing Will together (Tiff’s 5th), and the first we’d seen him headline, so we couldn’t have been more pleased with the lengthy set, and the song selection alike. A shocking 4 songs from Carousel (including the title track), combined with some of our favorites (Dirty Little War, Goddamn California) curried favor with the die-hards in attendance, and of the 100-125 people in the crowd, there were more than a few of us to be sure. Will’s voice was on point all night long, and his band sounded great. They literally saved the best for last, however, as the encore started out with Last Thing I Needed, followed by a fan request for Sex, Lies & Money. For the final song though, Will and the band brought out acoustic guitars and a single drum into the crowd, directly in the middle of the floor, and sang The Highway’s Home amongst the people, tacking on a bit of Hank William’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” at the end. It was an amazing end to an amazing set, and the whole show was well worth the time and effort for us to get there, let alone the bargain $12 ticket price!

2015-06-05 22.39.35 willhoge

Growing Up Around Here
Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)
Guitar or a Gun
She Don’t Care
This Time Around
Little Bitty Dreams
Desperate Times
Your Fool
Wait ‘Til Your Daddy Gets Home
Goddamn California
Still Got You on My Mind
Dirty Little War
Hey Tonight
Better Than You
Bad Old Days
Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Middle Of America
Til I Do It Again

The Last Thing I Needed
Sex, Lies and Money
The Highway’s Home / I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (acoustic)

She Don’t Care

This Time Around

Goddamn California

Dirty Little War


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06/02/2015 Flaw, Seasons After, Oblivious Signal, Setiva (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | June 3, 2015 9:16 am

If the Tantric show a couple of days prior was sort-of a blast from the past, this show was a full on nostalgia trip. Back in the nu-metal heyday, Flaw’s “Through The Eyes” was a staple in my CD player, and I’d actually seen them twice on that album cycle, first with Cold, and then with Sevendust. They’d flirted with coming to Montage a couple of years ago, but that leg of the tour ended up getting cancelled for whatever reason, and they hadn’t been around since. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to finally see Flaw again, some fourteen years later.

Setiva had just started when I walked in, and they put on an entertaining half-hour of metal. A very energetic set, dreads flying everywhere. Oblivious Signal reminded me of a grown up Bad Seed Rising, with a female lead singer and some rockin tunes. I spent a lot of their set chatting with Dave, however, so I didn’t pay 100% attention. We did pay attention to Seasons After, and they were pretty impressive, especially the singer. As Dave pointed out, he could hit the high screams, the low screams, and the clean singing was good too. Like Jamey Jasta always says, no clams! The rest of the band sounded on point as well, the songs were interesting, including their closer, a cover of the Gerard McMann song from The Lost Boys, “Cry Little Sister”. I’d classify them as “radio metal”, stuff that wouldn’t be out of place on Octane.

Finally it was time for Flaw, and a whole lot of fun. They played a bunch of stuff from Through the Eyes, including Only The Strong, but acoustically! I’ve always loved Amendment, so I was glad that got played, and they also sprinkled in Medicate off of Endangered Species, plus a new song called Bleed Red. Naturally, everyone went berserk when they played Payback at the end, and the one song encore, after a bit of a false start, was Whole. While they had a new drummer, the front three of the band (singer Chris Volz, guitarist Jason Daunt, and bassist Ryan Juhrs) are the original members, so the songs sounded great, Chris can still hit the notes, and they looked to be pretty appreciative of everyone that came out. Chris mentioned at one point, “Our first record came out fourteen years ago, and you know what, that makes all of you out there OLD.” He wasn’t wrong! Of the 125 people or so that came out, just about everyone *was* older (certainly no teenagers), and unsurprisingly virtually everyone knew all the words. It was really cool to get to hear these songs again, and I think everyone that was there was in agreement.

Flaw setlist:
My Letter
Bleed Red
Only The Strong (acoustic)
Get Up Again


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05/29/2015 Tantric, While She Waits, Aggressive Betty, Seeking Monte (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | May 30, 2015 9:13 am

I wasn’t sure what kind of crowd to expect for this show. Tantric had a couple of modern rock radio staples, but nothing in the last couple of years that’s made an impact. There turned out not to be much of a crowd at all. If the place topped out at 75 people (including the other bands) that was a lot. By the time I got there, I only saw part of the last song of Seeking Monte’s set, so other than the fact that I saw they had a female lead singer who sounded pretty good, I can’t say much. Aggressive Betty did their usual metal thing next, and truthfully I was more pre-occupied watching the Lightning and Rangers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals on my phone (Go Bolts!). The direct support was a self-proclaimed “redneck” rock band from Arizona called While She Waits. They certainly had stage presence, they didn’t sound half bad, but nothing particularly stood out about them either.

Tantric came out, and despite the small crowd, played as if they were in front of packed house. Lead singer Hugo Ferreira has turned over the entire band between the first album and now, which is kinda interesting considering he was essentially a replacement lead singer for the rest of Days of the New. Regardless, Hugo and the band gave it their all, and gave us a good spread over the bands now six albums, hitting all the singles in addition to some newer cuts. I thought they sounded great, Hugo sounded good and his top-ranked “yarl” was in fine form. The show was a fun way to spend a Friday night, and it was cool to see a band I’d only seen once before, seven years ago.

Tantric setlist:
Hey Now
Live Your Life
You Got What You Wanted
Mind Control
Fall to the Ground
(Drum Solo)
Fall Down
Down and Out

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05/14/2015 Hatebreed, Hate Machine, Order Of The Dead, REPS (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | May 15, 2015 9:29 am

This show was on my radar as soon as it was announced! Hatebreed in my favorite Rochester small (300 cap!) venue? HELL YES. Just like the 2013 Water Street show, I sprung for VIP, which got me early entrance, a meet and greet, and a pretty loaded swag bag with posters, a flag, etc. A good time and definitely worth the extra expense, especially considering that dough goes right to the band. All the guys were gracious and it didn’t seem like a chore for them to be there whatsoever.

2015-05-14 19.07.10 hatebreed

Since this was an off-date for Hatebreed from the Slipknot arena tour, it was all local openers. REPS is a hardcore band, just starting to get their name out. Their set was pretty entertaining, the kids were really rockin out, and the crowd seemed to be interested. Order of the Dead is a straight up death metal band, and while I didn’t really remember much from the first time I saw them with Shadows Fall back in 2012, I paid a bit more attention this time, and like what I saw. Heavy tunes, good instrumentation, a solid opener for sure. Direct support was handled by none other than Hate Machine, Rochester’s own metal kings. They had a much younger fill-in guitarist, but that didn’t damped the enthusiasm any. They mainly played newer stuff off of “The Movement” but did sneak in Retard and Tiny. A perfect warm up for what was to come.

Hate Machine setlist:
Chainsaw Philosophy
Anger Is King
Hello Sunshine
Bring In The Butcher

Hatebreed came out and rocked the joint from beginning to end. They’d been billing the off-dates as Hatebreed 20th Anniversary shows, which was great, because they played everything off of Under the Knife, and a huge chunk of Satisfaction… as well. Naturally, they played all the other newer favorites too, packing the 22-song set full of bangers. It’s hard to pick any highlights because the whole set was a highlight. If the show didn’t completely sell out, then they were right up against it for sure as the crowd packed the floor, and it was certainly die-hards on the floor and up front, whether in the pit or not. It sure seemed like every person knew every word to every song, and the band appreciated it as they rocked that stage just as hard for the 300 of us as they would for the 10,000 in the arenas. They looked to be having a great time up on the stage, it sounded great, and I think everyone went home happy!

Hatebreed Setlist:
To The Threshold
Before Dishonor
Hollow Ground
Everyone Bleeds Now
Hands of a Dying Man
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Tear It Down
Not One Truth
Honor Never Dies
Smash Your Enemies
As Diehard As They Come
Kill An Addict
This is Now
A Call For Blood
Burn The Lies
I Will Be Heard
Destroy Everything

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05/13/2015 Godsmack, Papa Roach (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | May 14, 2015 4:47 pm

[Hellyeah was the opener, but I didn’t get there in time.]

I was pretty excited to see Papa Roach again, considering I’ve really enjoyed their last two albums. It had been since the curfew-shortened Rock The Cans in 2011 that I’d seen them, so seeing them get their fully-allotted time was also nice. I found myself a nice spot about 15-20 people deep off the left side, and was able to have a bit of room. The crowd was very enthusiastic, singing along with the new stuff just as well as the hits. The band didn’t disappoint, as they sounded fantastic; so did Jacoby, who even went for a bout of crowdsurfing towards the end of the set. The setlist was a nice mix from across the catalog, hitting at least one song off of every album save for lovehatetragedy (and Time for Annihilation if you want to get technical). It was a very enjoyable 45-minute set from these guys.

Papa Roach setlist:
Face Everything and Rise
Getting Away with Murder
Between Angels and Insects
Where Did the Angels Go?
Broken Home
Last Resort
…To Be Loved

I retreated to the back during set change, grabbed a beverage and found my friend Dave, and we took advantage of the good sightlines and lack of other people around us during Godsmack’s set. I hadn’t seen them since Crue Fest in 2009, but pretty much knew what to expect. The couple of new songs (1000hp, What’s Next, Generation Day, Something Different) sounded decent, and the rest was a usual Godsmack set, including the Sully/Shannon dueling drums. Which is to say, very solid, it sounded great, it was a Godsmack show. One thing I’d never noticed previously, but was readily apparent at this show, was how disinterested guitarist Tony Rombola looked up on stage. Now I don’t need my guitarists to be jumping around like caffinated monkeys, but it was striking to see him just wandering around the stage, nodding his head here and there, but otherwise remaining rather stoic. Dave had said he’d noticed this before, so it doesn’t seem like a one-off type of thing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but stood in contrast to Sully, Robbie, and Shannon’s energetic performances.

Godsmack Setlist:
Cryin like a bitch
What’s Next
Straight Out of Line
Generation Day
Something Different
Keep Away
Batalla de los Tambores

Moon Baby
I Stand Alone

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The Man Who Broke The Music Business

By Eric | April 28, 2015 3:19 pm

The Man Who Broke The Music Business

As I saw someone put it, if you downloaded *anything* between 1997-2006, it was probably sourced from this guy. Incredible.

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The Dreaming – 2011 – Puppet

By Eric | April 23, 2015 8:30 am

Artist: The Dreaming
Title: Puppet
Label: Epochal / EMI
Released: Nov 1, 2011
Packaging: Jewel Case
Pack-in DVD?
Release Type: Standard


#Every Trace
#There Will Be Blood
#End In Tears
#Fight For You
#It’s No Good
#Solo Crucifixion
#Too Late
#Always and Never


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10 Years – 2015 – From Birth to Burial

By Eric | April 21, 2015 6:00 pm

Artist: 10 Years
Title: From Birth to Burial
Label: Pale Horse
Released: Apr 21, 2015
Packaging: Cardboard
Pack-in DVD?
Release Type: Standard


#From Birth To Burial
#Selling Skeletons
#Triggers and Tripwires
#Crimson Kiss
#The River
#Moisture Residue


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