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02/17/2011 The Damned Things, His Name Was Yesterday (Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place)

By Eric | February 17, 2011 11:59 pm

[Vanity Strikes was the first band on, but I didn’t get there in time to catch them.]

I rolled into Mohawk just as the His Name Was Yesterday crew was setting up. I’ve seen these guys a lot over the last couple years, so it was cool to see them opening for a national act. (They’re no strangers to that role, as they were the Jager band on the NYC stop of the Jager tour, which The Damned Things was on with Buckcherry, Hellyeah, and All That Remains.) Unfortunately, on this night John, the lead singer, was suffering from a bout of laryngitis and while his screaming was there, he couldn’t really sing some of the tougher songs. What he lacked in melody on this night, however, was more than made up for with enthusiasm and energy, and it’s plain to see that they’ve learned how to work a crowd to great effect. The rest of the band put on their usual solid show, and as someone who’s been watching them for awhile, it was cool to see them throw songs from the first EP into the set as well as tunes off their new full length. HNWY was a great warmup for the band to come. HNWY Setlist: Where It Ends, Beneath The Lie, Face The Truth, No More Tomorrows, Echoes of the Past, Ghost of John Wayne, Killshed.

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One set change later, and it was time for The Damned Things. A “supergroup” of sorts, TDT is made up of Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley (the “other guys” from Fall Out Boy), Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano of Anthrax, and Keith Buckley and Josh Newton of Every Time I Die. Given all those influences, they’re just a straight up hard rock band, and the album is a ton of fun to listen to. The show was no exception, and to see someone like Scott Ian in a place the size of Mohawk (which is to say, a closet) was a fantastic opportunity. The band sounded great, Keith’s singing was spot-on (when he wasn’t letting the crowd take over), and there were a very high percentage of people who knew all the songs. They ran through most of their Ironiclast album, plus a Quicksand cover, and seemed to really enjoy themselves up on the stage. The crowd was an interesting cross-section, as you could pick out the old-school Anthrax fans, and I saw a healthy number of ETID shirts as well (no surprise being in Buffalo). No idiots in the crowd, everyone was cool and seemed to have a good time. Personally, I love the fact that the place was filled despite the fact that TDT sounds nothing like any of the associated bands. Good show, good time, and I hope I get the opportunity to see them again!

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The Damned Things setlist: Ironiclast, Friday Night (Going Down In Flames), Handbook for the Recently Deceased, A Great Reckoning, Black Heart, Little Darling, Bad Blood, Fazer (Quicksand cover), Graverobber, We’ve Got A Situation Here.

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