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02/26/2017 Mike Doughty (Rochester, NY @ Flour City Station)

By Eric | February 27, 2017 11:58 am

Also known as “Eric and Matt’s Biennial Man-Date Night”. Seriously, early 2012, late 2014, early 2017. The 2008 show kinda messes it up, but you get the idea. Doughty comes around Rochester roughly every other year, and Matt and I always go! This show was supposed to have Wheatus (they of Teenage Dirtbag fame) as an opener, but apparently the lead singer got sick. So instead, we got Mike coming out doing a stripped down not-quite-acoustic set, effectively acting as his own opener! Not that we hadn’t seen something similar before (at the 2008 German House show the band was in “disguise” as their own openers). What was really nice was that it was all songs that did NOT get played in the main set, especially nice considering it was a lot of the favorites (Brunettes, Starbucks, 27 Jennifers, Super Bon Bon, etc.). A great way to kick things off for the people that showed up early.

Opening Set
Tremendous Brunettes
Busting Up a Starbucks
I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress to Keep on Dancing
Down on the River by the Sugar Plant
27 Jennifers
Super Bon Bon (Soul Coughing song)
Soft Serve (Soul Coughing song)
Moon Sammy (Soul Coughing song)
(I Keep On) Rising Up

So after a bit of a break (and a couple Genny Cream Ales for us!), the main set started. This one featured a full band and had a much more electronic bent. Part of the gimmick with this tour was that Mike would “remix on the fly”, essentially conducting the band while playing the song. It made for some interesting jams, and they pulled out some back catalog for the set, especially on the Soul Coughing stuff (Screenwriters Blues, How Many Cans), and the return of More Bacon Than The Pan Can Handle! It was a really fun show, and considering we got a double dose of Doughty with no other opener, what more could we ask for?

Main Set
Screenwriter’s Blues (Soul Coughing song)
Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well
Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago (Soul Coughing song)
I Hear the Bells
Bus to Beelzebub (Soul Coughing song)
Grey Ghost
Wait! You’ll Find a Better Way
More Bacon Than the Pan Can Handle (tease)
Circles (Soul Coughing song)
Shunned + Falsified
Rational Man
How Many Cans? (Soul Coughing song) (Monster Man insert)
So Far I Have Not Found The Science (tease) (Soul Coughing song)
Put It Down
St. Louise Is Listening (Soul Coughing song)

Janine (Soul Coughing song)

2017-02-26 Mike Doughty @ Flour City Station

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