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03/03/2001 Godsmack, Staind, Cold, Systematic (Utica, NY at Utica Memorial Auditorium)

By Eric | March 3, 2001 11:59 pm

It only took us two hours to get there, and we found a parking spot on the street (didnt have to pay!) and hung out by the buses for a little bit, met the guys in Cold again, Jeremy was showing us how he and Kelly are in the new ESP guitar catalog. Got in line, KROCK had a Cold poster contest (doh!) so we were mildly entertained…. got inside, and Systematic was up first. They were okay, everything sounded the same. Then Cold came out. Opened with Give this time, then the rest was 13 Ways songs… played End of the World, Confession, Witch, No One, Send in the Clowns (No Aaron 🙁 ) and then the place went predicably nuts for Just Got Wicked. They sounded just as good as in Kitchener! Next was Staind. They sounded just as good as I remember them! Opened with Mudshovel, and Aaron was roaming all over the place. Then they played a new song (sounded awesome!) then Suffocate and Just Go. Aaron came out with an acoustic guitar and did Outside. I have NEVER cried at a concert before this moment, but he sounded so good that it couldnt be helped. He kept the acoustic as the rest of the band came back for another new one called “It’s Been Awhile” which is gonna be the first single. Finished up with Raw, Crawl and Spleen. We got pulled out of the pit, got a drink and sat in the seats for Godsmack, who were entertaining, but really didnt make me any more of a fan than I already am (which isnt that big of a fan). They opened with Awake, ran through most of the second album, and some of the first, the encore was Voodoo and Whatever. Since Mary lost her hat at some point on the floor, we went back down at the end of the show to find it, to no avail. (We did get some other stuff though!) This show was hella awesome, and I cant wait for the Rochester date!


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