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03/07/2008 The Dreaming, Shelflyfe (Rochester, NY @ The Club At Water Street)

By Eric | March 7, 2008 11:59 pm

This one started later than usual (10pm doors for a 10:30 start), and I walked in just as Shelflyfe was getting ready to go on. They’re a local band, and they weren’t too bad, a four piece rock band that uses a sampler, and uses it well. The songs were kinda catchy, but the singer had a cold, so between that and how low he was in the mix, it was hard to hear him. The rest of the band sounded pretty decent though.

But the whole reason for going was The Dreaming. They’re a five-piece techno-tinged rock band that could be described as what lead singer Chris Hall did after Stabbing Westward. Which should tell you what they sound like. They also feature drummer Johnny Haro (Econoline Crush) and guitarist Carlton (Deadsy). The band has actually been around for awhile, but finally got a full-length CD out at the beginning of the year. After setting up their own stuff, they kicked right into things, and over the course of the night, played just about everything off the album, and for an encore, did a cover of Stabbing Westward’s “Save Yourself”. Not that I had any doubt, but the band sounded excellent, Chris’ singing was right on, powerful, and the band was into the show, as was the majority of the crowd. And for $10, it was a bargain.

There were about 100-150 people there, and a good number were at least familiar with the band, if not all the songs. At the risk of sounding old, it was quite humorous to see the younger kids right at the front that had never heard “Save Yourself”, while all the older people (there were more of us, for sure) rocked out. Chris Hall was a pretty chatty frontman for someone that sounds so depressed in his music! He was cracking jokes and talking with the crowd all night, posing for pictures and the like. I picked up a CD and got an autograph from Johnny, and called it a night.

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