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03/23/2006 Chimaira, Stemm, Through The Eyes Of The Dead (Buffalo, NY @ Icon)

By Eric | March 23, 2006 11:59 pm

Another trek down Interstate 90, and another fun night. Chimaira has become one of my favorite metal bands, so it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to see them. What makes it even better is that they seem to like Buffalo, they’re helping Stemm out in the industry, and the shows are always tight and exciting. This night was no different. I got there right before Through The Eyes Of The Dead were about to go on, and they were okay. Seemed like the usual metalcore type stuff, the music was alright, but the singer had a very high pitched scream, so he almost sounded like the guy from Cradle Of Filth, and I’m just not a fan of that type of vocals. Anyway, their half-hour came and went, and Stemm was up next. A high energy set followed, despite the fact that their lead singer just had surgery, and as such, the lead guitar player took over vocal duties. The kids that come out for Stemm always go bonkers, which is really cool to see. So their half-hour seemed a bit too short, but then it was Chimaira time! Opening with Nothing Remains, they ripped into the opening of the show. I don’t remember the exact order, but they spread the songs out over the 3 albums, and played some stuff I hadn’t heard live before, which was really cool. Plus, the original drummer, Andols, is back in the band now, so it was nice to see him kicking behind the skins again. From the new album, they played Save Ourselves, Inside The Horror, Salvation (hadn’t heard live before), Comatose (kicked ass), and Pray For All. Then from TIOR, we got Pictures in the Gold Room (another new one for me), Power Trip, Down Again (first time hearing this one!), The Dehumanizing Process, Eyes of a Criminal, and Pure Hatred was the closer of the evening. POOE was represented by Severed, and Painting the White to Gray (another first timer!). Even better than that variety, was I got to hear my favorite b-side also, Army Of Me, which kicked all kinds of ass. So after Pure Hatred, they mentioned how they were shooting a video for Save Ourselves, and proceeded to tell us to get as crazy as possible (as cliched as that sounds), because they were filming for it at our show. They then proceeded to play Save Ourselves for a second time, and the place went nuts. Hopefully you can see my ugly mug in the video at some point!! Hell of a show, fun as always. m/

Here’s the video… I love how they make the Icon look like a much bigger/cooler place than it really is… Gotta love the magic of TV!!

And here’s Army of Me!

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