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04/04/2007 Aaron Lewis (Buffalo, NY @ SUNY Buffalo Center For The Arts)

By Eric | April 4, 2007 11:59 pm

This being the 2nd time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Aaron Lewis perform acoustically, I sort of knew what to expect this time around. It didn’t make it any less enjoyable! Carlo and I managed to score 4th row seats, off to the right of the stage. In other words, damn close! Just like the Turning Stone show in ’04, he started with So Far Away, but the similarities pretty much end there. Excess Baggage was next, and then Fill Me Up. He entertained some requests from the crowd, and chewed out some girl in the front row that was trying to video the show. That ended rather quickly! He then played Zoe Jane, Please, an unreleased Staind tune called Something Like Me, Devil, and then a new song called Sleeping At The Wheel. Aaron mentioned that he wasn’t sure if the song would end up on the next Staind disc, or perhaps his solo album. Next up was Schizophrenic Conversations, and then Black Rain, complete with the backstory to the song (how it was written back in ’93, he played it for Fred Durst, who played it for Jordan Schurr, who gave them a record deal, and how he was supposed to have played Black Rain as opposed to Outside on the Family Values Tour). Epiphany was next, and then he brought out his friend Chris Ballini (of J-Cat fame) to accompany him. Together, they did a new song called Angel, then a bunch of covers, including Pearl Jam’s Black, the J-Cat tune Bonghits For Breakfast, AIC’s Nutshell, STP’s Plush, and AIC’s Angry Chair. We then said goodbye to Chris, and Aaron launched into Everything Changes, followed by Tool’s Sober. After a short break, he came back out for an encore of Right Here, Outside, and the closer was It’s Been Awhile. The crowd was into the show the whole night, Aaron was into the show the whole night, and seemed to be having a great time up on the stage. He was joking around the whole night, and it made for an awesome evening of music. Certainly a far cry from the first couple times I saw him with Staind, where he’d sing facing the wall the whole night!

These photos are from an album I found on Webshots… they are not mine!

Aaron Lewis acoustic solo tour

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