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04/21/2005 Chimaira, Stemm, Trivium, The Killing (Buffalo, NY @ The Icon)

By Eric | April 21, 2005 11:59 pm

What a show. Chimaira announced the dates for some warm-up shows before their big summer run on Sounds of the Underground back in early March, and I salivated over this show for almost a month and a half. It was totally worth it. The Killing were up first, and they were okay. Didn’t tickle my fancy, but they certainly didn’t suck either. But the next three bands were the whole reason for going.

Since this show was in Buffalo, Trivium and Chimaira were gracious enough to let Stemm have the direct support slot, therefore Trivium was up next. Probably one of the youngest groups to hit the metal scene, the boys from Florida came out and rocked the spot. They’re every bit as good in person as they are on the albums. They came out to the instrumental opener “End Of Everything”, and kicked right into “Rain”. I don’t remember the order after this, but they did “Drowned and Torn Asunder”, “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr”, “Suffocating Sight”, “A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation” and closed with “Like Light To The Flies”. There may have been one more, I can’t remember. Regardless, the crowd was certainly into the band, and the band was into the crowd as well. Just an all-out tight performance.

Next up were the hometown boys, Stemm. I think they got better even from when I saw them with Soulfly. The crowd went bezerk for them, and I think they fed off of that, plus the fact that they’re showing off for the Chimaira boys. I’m pretty sure they played everything off the EP, and especially sweet was the fact that Mark Hunter (Chimaira’s singer) came out and did his part on “13 Years”, and rather enthusiastically I might add. Stemm finished up their set with Monster, and the crowd went nuts, plus the bass player did a stage dive (bass and all) at the end, which only fired everyone up more. Then an extended lull before the mighty Chimaira.

Everyone jammed to the front, and they let everyone blow their wad right away, opening with “Pure Hatred” then right into “Severed”. Chris came out from behind his rig for some screaming, and then proceeded to stage dive practically right on top of me! Good thing he ain’t that heavy. 🙂 Then they came back with the first three tracks from TIOR in order, “Cleansation”, “The Impossibility of Reason”, and “The Pictures In The Gold Room”. Those three sound great together. A quick pause, then “Let Go”, “The Dehumanizing Process”, and “Eyes of a Criminal”. Then Mark tells us that as a treat, we’re gonna get some old stuff. We got “This Present Darkness”, and then as Mark put it, the rarest of the rare Chimaira tracks, a song they’ve only ever played once prior, “Gag”! Talk about awesome. As if that wasn’t enough, we got a new song too! “Nothing Remains” had not one, but two solos in it! “Jade” was next, and then the anticipation for the closer… “Power Trip”. TJ from Stemm came out for the closer as well, so we got double the intensity and screaming. It was a hell of a show, and I think I lost a couple pounds in sweat, but it was totally worth it!

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