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04/22/2002 Nickelback, Default, Injected (Buffalo, NY @ Buffalo State Sports Arena)

By Eric | April 22, 2002 11:59 pm

I acutally got out of Routing and Switching lab at 5:30, and immeadiately hit the road, getting to the arena about 6:45. I figured everyone would have been in already, as the tickets said 6pm. Well, there was still a line, which moved rather quickly thankfully due to the crappy weather. I got in and the place was about half full, so I wandered down on to the floor. I milled around during Injected, only noteable thing about them was that they did the Motely Crue “Live Wire” cover again, and absolutely no one had any clue what that song was at all. There were a whole lot of “beautiful people” (as I like to call them) at this show, being a college show, I was not surprised, and kinda glad, because they’d allow me to get closer to the front with less hassle! So after Injected got done I wormed my way up towards the front, ending up about 5 people back from the barrier, next to Scott from Hollowpoint! I’ve ended up next to him at a couple of shows, its kinda odd, but kinda cool. He was there with his girlfriend and her friend, so the 4 of us kinda ended up stuck together the whole night. Defualt was decent, they were better in Syracuse I think, but knowing the songs this time around was a plus. Most of their set unfortunately was spent fighting off crowd surfers. They played about 8 or 9 songs, including (not in order) Let You Down, By Your Side, Live a Lie, Somewhere, a new song called Break Down Walls, Seize the Day, Sick and Tired, Wasting My Time and closed with Deny. After a bit of a wait, out came Nickelback. The crowd went predictably nuts for most of the Silver Side Up songs, noticably quieter on The State tracks, and the two new ones weren’t too bad either. I cant remember order, but it was rather close to Syracuse’s set list, they opened with Woke Up This Morning again, then Breathe, Too Bad, One Last Run, Hangnail, new song 1, Where Do I Hide, Never Again, Hollywood, new song 2, Leader of Men, and only a one song encore this time, starting out playing How You Remind Me acoustically, and then bringing the full band in. Syracuse’s show was longer, and a bit better in my opinion, but this wasn’t a bad show.

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