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04/26/2000 Our Lady Peace, Buzz Poets (Erie, PA @ Gannon University)

By Eric | April 26, 2000 11:59 pm

A little bit of a road trip for this one down to Erie, PA. After almost getting a speeding ticket on the way down (got pulled over, got a ticket for “obstructed vision” due to my high school tassel hanging from the rear view mirror, but no speeding ticket!), Mary and I pulled into Gannon University, where we were fortunate enough to be able to stay with Adrienne, who also had procured our tickets for us since she was attending said university! This is why we picked this show as opposed to the one at St. Bonaventure a couple days later.

The Buzz Poets were on first, and I’m pretty sure they were a regional Western PA band, and we weren’t very impressed. I wrote at the time that it seemed that every song was required to have the word “pussy” in it for some reason. They were a party-type band, and we were capital-S “Serious Concert Goers” at this point. Anyway, OLP sounded fantastic on this night, and they finally played Supersatellite again! Raine was hitting everything on this night. My hat got ripped off my head and is gone forever (if you know me, this was very traumatic!). I remember the crowd being a typical college concert crowd, that is, there to be there, not necessarily for the band, and I recall being rather annoyed about it. I also remember the security being very uptight about taking pictures, so I was only able to get the one live shot below. We waited outside and talked to Mike and Jamie for a good 45 minutes; they were great guys and very gracious, and Mary finally got her picture with Jeremy!


Thank you setlist.fm for this list, which didn’t include Supersatellite at first!

Potato Girl
The Birdman
Automatic Flowers
Superman’s Dead
Stealing Babies
Teardrop / Hope
Is Anybody Home?


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