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05/09/2018 Stone Temple Pilots, Camp Howard (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | May 11, 2018 10:44 am

It had been seven years just about to the day (+2 days, but who’s counting?) since I’d last seen STP, and armed with a new album and yet another new singer (RIP Weiland and Chester) the band did some club dates interspersed with their big festival appearances.

I got there in time to catch the opener, Camp Howard. Oh Joy. I personally wasn’t all that impressed, but then again, jangly indie-rock isn’t my thing either. However, upon retreating to the merch tables and seeing that the band’s only other item for sale besides a t-shirt is a tote bag, I really think you’re on the wrong side of the rock and roll ledger. A freaking TOTE BAG. Get off my lawn with that nonsense!

2018-05-09 20.15.43 - STP

Anyway, I caught up with Dave and his friend Kristina, and we hung in the back for STP’s set. New singer Jeff Gutt (who I didn’t realize had sung for Dry Cell, they of Body Crumbles on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack fame) did his own thing, and while yeah, he kinda sounds like Weiland, he kinda doesn’t, and that’s great. He’s not a copy at all. The DeLeo brothers along with drummer Eric Kretz sounded fantastic all night, and I was really happy with the setlist selection. They worked in five new songs among the 20 total, and they fit right in (Roll Me Under is my favorite). Beyond that, nothing off of either Shangri-La-De-Da or the 2010 self-titled (nor the High Rise EP for that matter), but we did get some deeper cuts off the older albums. Silvergun Superman (which I saw in 2011) and Lounge Fly off of Purple; and then Glide, Sex & Violence, and Atlanta off of No. 4 (never saw any of those!). I hadn’t seen Piece of Pie since the two shows in 2000 either, so that was cool for the first song of the encore. Like I said in the 2011 review, it was cool that it wasn’t just radio hits all the way through (no Sour Girl, Creep, Down, Days of the Week, etc.) as I can hear those anytime. A fun show to be sure!

2018-05-09 21.23.23 - STP

Wicked Garden
Middle of Nowhere
Big Bang Baby
Silvergun Superman
Lounge Fly
Big Empty
Finest Hour
Interstate Love Song
Sex & Violence
Six Eight
Roll Me Under
Dead & Bloated
Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart

Piece of Pie
Sex Type Thing

Silvergun Superman


Roll Me Under

Piece of Pie

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