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05/02/2003 Pearl Jam (Buffalo, NY @ HSBC Arena)

By Eric | May 2, 2003 11:59 pm

Finally! Ever since I got smart about my music (which I’d say was around 1994), I’ve had an affinity for Pearl Jam. Alas, I’d never seen them… until now! Me and Tiff got there during the set change, so we didn’t have to see Sparta (blech). So we’re sitting tight at center ice, about 15 rows up, and then the boys come out! They opened with Love Boat Captain, and proceeded to play for roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes!! 3 encores!! Not gonna go song by song, but I can say that highlights for me were definitely Elderly Woman (just a great song), Evenflow (Mike’s solo was incredible), Deep (totally was not expecting that one!), Black (just a great emotional take on it), Betterman (the crowd singalong was amazing to hear), Crazy Mary (the extended jam in the middle was awesome), Smile (another surprise!), Soon Forget (Eddie came out with his ukulele and sang to a dummy that was supposed to be Bill Gates), and the closer Yellow Ledbetter. There were a myriad of covers along the way, including The Police’s Driven To Tears, CCR’s Fortunate Son, Patti Smith’s People Have the Power, and The Who’s Baba O’Riley. The crowd was on their feet the entire time (in the seats also!), everyone sang along to practically everything, and the band just plain sounded great! Despite the fact that we had a drunk puking girl behind us, and a couple next to us that were yelling at each other every other song, nothing was going to take away from Pearl Jam, and after listening to the bootleg a couple times since the show, I’m still convinced this is one of the best shows I’ve been to in a looong time! The complete setlist was as follows: LOVE BOAT CAPTAIN, BRAIN OF J, HAIL HAIL, SAVE YOU, CORDUROY, SMALL TOWN, I GOT ID, EVEN FLOW, FAITHFUL, DEEP, GIVEN TO FLY, SPIN THE BLACK CIRCLE, WISHLIST, GREEN DISEASE, INSIGNIFICANCE, BLACK, GO, ENCORE BREAK 1, FREE JAZZ, DRIVEN TO TEARS, BETTERMAN, CRAZY MARY, DO THE EVOLUTION, ALIVE, ENCORE BREAK 2, SOON FORGET, SMILE, FORTUNATE SON, SONIC REDUCER, PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER, ENCORE BREAK 3, BABA O’RILEY, YELLOW LEDBETTER.


Green Disease




Driven To Tears


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