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05/06/2000 Train, Gas Giants (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

By Eric | May 6, 2000 11:59 pm

I don’t recall a whole lot about this show, other than I almost didn’t go, then Chip gave me a free ticket. The Gas Giants were decent, I remember being in the crowd and saying to Adam “Geez, they sound a lot like the Gin Blossoms!”, only to find out they had two of the original members of the Gin Blossoms, including the lead singer Robin Wilson, in the band. Couldn’t tell you a ton about their set other than that, unfortunately.

I wrote at the time that Train dragged out all their songs way too long, and I also claimed at the time that they used a DAT machine for a bass player, which I have zero real authority on. I remember they played Meet Virginia towards the end of the set, and then 3/4 of the place emptied out. Train wasn’t exactly my cup of tea at the time, so of course the review wasn’t the kindest. Time has eased my opinion on the band somewhat, but I really don’t remember if the show was all that great or not! Despite all this, I did find a Train setlist for the night: It’s Love, Free, Homesick, Respect, It’s About You, I Am, Ramble On, Heavy, Sweet Rain, If You Leave, Days, I Wish You Would, Train, Meet Virginia, She’s On Fire, I Want You To Want Me.

Found an interview with Robin Wilson that was conducted after this show: http://www.cosmik.com/aa-august00/gas_giants.html

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