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05/12/2005 Chevelle, Dark New Day (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | May 12, 2005 11:59 pm

I had been salivating over this show for a little while, mainly due to the fact that Dark New Day was the opening band. For the unintiated, DnD is a “supergroup” of sorts, with Brett Hestla (Virgos, touring bass player for Creed) on vocals, Clint Lowery (Sevendust) on guitar, Troy McLawhorn (doubleDrive) on guitar, Corey Lowery (Stereomud, Stuck Mojo) on bass, and Will Hunt (Skrape) on drums. Anyway, their new album isn’t out yet, but about 5 songs have been previewed on the website. I was about three people back, and when they came out and opened with Taking Me Alive, I immediately started rockin out, and since I was right in front of Corey and Troy, they noticed me almost right away. (I’m sure wearing a doubleDrive shirt didn’t hurt!). Brett was all over the stage, and I think the crowd warmed up to them as the show went along. My order is probably off, but they also played Brother, Heal In Time, Pieces, one I didn’t catch the name of (“Free” maybe?), and closed with Bare Bones (which oughta be the next single!). At one point Corey was rockin so hard he nearly fell off the front of the stage! After the set I ran back and bought the 3-song sampler they had at the merch booth, and headed outside to find the guys. After a bit, Corey and Brett came off the bus and started meeting people. Corey instantly recognized me from being in front of him, and goes “Damn dude, you knew all the words already!” Brett pretty much said the same thing, and after getting some autographs I chatted briefly with them about the album coming out. I went back inside, met Clint and Will, and then after meandering about, got to talk to Troy for a little bit, told him how awesome the new stuff was, and asked him and Corey if they’d let Brett sing any Still Rain stuff (ha! Wouldn’t that be awesome!). I headed up to the balcony to check out Chevelle, who put on a good show in their own right. Their set list was as follows: Another Know It All, Vitamin R, Still Running, Emotional Drought, Get Some, Forfeit, Send the Pain Below, Grab Thy Hand, Liars & Thieves (Ministry Cover), Comfortable Liar, The Red, Closure, Wonder What’s Next. Encore: Panic Prone, The Clincher. I was kinda surprised that they didn’t play anything from Point #1, but so be it. With a sparse setup and only 3 guys, they had a lot of room to move around. The crowd got a little louder as the show went on, and predictably everyone went nuts for the singles, especially The Clincher. Chevelle was impressive, but I primarily went for Dark New Day, and certainly wasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait for the Buffalo show!

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