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05/30/2003 Edgefest 10: Staind, The Juliana Theory, Cold, Powerman 5000, (hed)pe, Finch, Seether, Trapt, Smile Empty Soul, Klear (Buffalo, NY @ Dunn Tire Park)

By Eric | May 30, 2003 11:59 pm

Tiff and I rolled in about 3:00, as she had to come in from Newfield, and missing the locals opening up the show wasn’t going to break our hearts. We had seats, so we weren’t going to be fighting for position on the floor or anything, so we found a nice spot in plain view of the two side-by-side stages. Klear was just starting when we walked in, they were pretty good, but the singer continually sounds like he’s hoarse. It gets a little annoying after awhile, but like I said, the music was good. As soon as they were done, Smile Empty Soul was set up on the stage right next door. The zero-turnaround time approach worked very well, there was no waiting at all between sets 🙂 SES was ok, the riffs were pretty cool, but the “singer” couldn’t scream well to save his life. Too bad, because his singing was decent. After them was Trapt, and I had heard good things about them. They had some technical problems to start out the set, but got them worked out and put on an entertaining set. The singer clearly liked the F-word though when talking to the crowd! Time for Seether on the other stage, and they rocked it just as hard as at the Penny Arcade. They did 6 songs, opening with Gasoline, then 69 Tea, Needles, Burrito, Fine Again, and the Nirvana cover of You Know You’re Right, which I could have done without, but Seether put on a good show. Finch was next, and was easily the worst of the bunch. They were going for a Deftones kinda vibe, but the band was eh, and the singer sounded like a wounded cat. Don’t believe the hype on these guys. (hed)pe was next, and I have to say they were better the last couple times I’ve seen them. Despite this, they still put on a show, with Jahred inciting the crowd to mosh like no one else did during the afternoon. They opened with Suck It Up, then into Dangerous, Waiting to Die, Ken 2012, Killing Time, and closed with Blackout. Powerman 5000 was after them on the other stage, and they were ok, but nothing terribly exciting. All the songs sounded the same, and until When Worlds Collide at the end, no one was really moving for them. After them it was Cold time! Jeremy busted his arm wrestling a day prior, so their guitar tech, Larry, filled in on bass. Did a pretty good job too! They opened with Remedy, then they played No One, Suffocate, Send In The Clowns, Rain Song, Stupid Girl, and closed with Just Got Wicked. Scoot sounded pretty good, but you could tell he was still feeling out the new material. In any event, they still sounded very good, and the new stuff will get better with time. The Juliana Theory was up next, and they were boring. They had loud guitars, but the singer was kinda whiny, and it just was not interesting (a.k.a., we went for food!). They finished, and it was Staind’s night from then on out. They opened with Intro, which ironically is the last song on the new album, and took that right into Price to Play. Then they switched to the old stuff and played Crawl, and my order gets fuzzy after this, but they did Yesterday, Layne, Suffocate, Fade, Spleen, toned it down in the middle with So Far Away, Epiphany and Outside, then Open Your Eyes, Pressure, Mudshovel, For You, and closed with It’s Been Awhile. Aaron and the boys have not lost a step, Aaron was hitting everything, and the music was right on as well. An excellent set, and even though I drifted for a bit, I remember why I started to love this band in the first place. A great capper to the night, and sent me home happy 🙂

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