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06/02/2018 Samantha Fish, White Woods (Rochester, NY @ Flour City Station)

By Eric Bonus | June 3, 2018 11:02 am

Samantha Fish is one of Dad’s favorite blues artists, so when she announced a show in Rochester, and especially in as small of a place as Flour City Station, it didn’t take much convincing to get Dad to come up. We got “reserved” tickets, which meant they set up tables in the main part of the floor, and it was a free for all once inside the tables. I thought we got there reasonably early – I was wrong. We got practically the last two seats, and they were right up front. Pretty good view-wise. The crowd was skewed much older, I was one of the youngest people there by far. The openers, White Woods, were meh, nothing to write home about. Samantha Fish, on the other hand, was fantastic, as was her band. For barely knowing any of the songs, I had a really good time; Dad gave it a good review also, save for the fact that it was a bit loud (told you to bring earplugs!!). She can shred on the guitar, and belt out the tunes as well. Really good stuff. Dad even got an autograph on the CD he bought after the show, skipping almost the entire line in the process (inadvertently, but still!). Always fun to hit up a show with Dad!

Guesstimated setlist:

American Dream
Chills & Fever
You Can’t Go
Blood in the Water
Little Baby
You’ll Never Change
He Did It
Don’t Say You Love Me
Need You More
Belle of the West
Hello Stranger
Somebody’s Always Trying
Nearer to You
Gone for Good
Bitch On The Run

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Gone For Good

Bitch On The Run

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