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06/02/2015 Flaw, Seasons After, Oblivious Signal, Setiva (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | June 3, 2015 9:16 am

If the Tantric show a couple of days prior was sort-of a blast from the past, this show was a full on nostalgia trip. Back in the nu-metal heyday, Flaw’s “Through The Eyes” was a staple in my CD player, and I’d actually seen them twice on that album cycle, first with Cold, and then with Sevendust. They’d flirted with coming to Montage a couple of years ago, but that leg of the tour ended up getting cancelled for whatever reason, and they hadn’t been around since. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to finally see Flaw again, some fourteen years later.

Setiva had just started when I walked in, and they put on an entertaining half-hour of metal. A very energetic set, dreads flying everywhere. Oblivious Signal reminded me of a grown up Bad Seed Rising, with a female lead singer and some rockin tunes. I spent a lot of their set chatting with Dave, however, so I didn’t pay 100% attention. We did pay attention to Seasons After, and they were pretty impressive, especially the singer. As Dave pointed out, he could hit the high screams, the low screams, and the clean singing was good too. Like Jamey Jasta always says, no clams! The rest of the band sounded on point as well, the songs were interesting, including their closer, a cover of the Gerard McMann song from The Lost Boys, “Cry Little Sister”. I’d classify them as “radio metal”, stuff that wouldn’t be out of place on Octane.

Finally it was time for Flaw, and a whole lot of fun. They played a bunch of stuff from Through the Eyes, including Only The Strong, but acoustically! I’ve always loved Amendment, so I was glad that got played, and they also sprinkled in Medicate off of Endangered Species, plus a new song called Bleed Red. Naturally, everyone went berserk when they played Payback at the end, and the one song encore, after a bit of a false start, was Whole. While they had a new drummer, the front three of the band (singer Chris Volz, guitarist Jason Daunt, and bassist Ryan Juhrs) are the original members, so the songs sounded great, Chris can still hit the notes, and they looked to be pretty appreciative of everyone that came out. Chris mentioned at one point, “Our first record came out fourteen years ago, and you know what, that makes all of you out there OLD.” He wasn’t wrong! Of the 125 people or so that came out, just about everyone *was* older (certainly no teenagers), and unsurprisingly virtually everyone knew all the words. It was really cool to get to hear these songs again, and I think everyone that was there was in agreement.

Flaw setlist:
My Letter
Bleed Red
Only The Strong (acoustic)
Get Up Again


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