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06/13/2000 3 Doors Down, Stir, Mile (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | June 13, 2000 11:59 pm

Brought the whole NT crew on this one (I’m assuming this was Sara, Adrienne, Danielle), don’t remember who else went… The openers were rather forgettable; Mile had a bunch of songs about “that one bitch I dated awhile ago”, Stir was decent (but I don’t remember a damn thing about them).

To put this show in perspective, Kryptonite was still the only single (Loser wouldn’t be released for another month), and 3 Doors Down were already playing (and filling up) 1000-cap clubs like Water Street. I remember there being a good number of people there, and naturally us complaining about the crowd. 3DD sounded pretty good, but in hindsight you could tell they were still learning about stage presence, as it was a little lacking. (Brad Arnold has come a long way, I can say that much.) They played everything off of the Better Life album, plus a new song (setlist.fm shows that was Dangerous Game, which ended up on Away From The Sun). As it was still the only song that the majority knew, the place went predicably nuts for Kryptonite.

So we all thought we saw a good show, but I don’t think anyone foresaw the meteoric rise of the band, who would be playing much larger venues before very long. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Setlist from setlist.fm:
Not Enough
The Better Life
Life of My Own
So I Need You
Duck and Run
Dangerous Game (would have been the new song)
Down Poison
Be Like That
By My Side

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