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06/24/2001 Artvoice Festival: Econoline Crush, Oleander (Buffalo, NY @ Chippewa St. & Delaware Rd.)

By Eric | June 24, 2001 11:59 pm

This was a freebie put on by the Buffalo independent newspaper Artvoice, and among the 30 some-odd bands and 3 stages, EC and Oleander played the main stage. Oleander went on at 4, we got there early enough to check the place out, and since the backstage area was pretty much wide open (the stage was set up in the middle of delaware rd), we wandered around the back. We ended up talking to Johnny from EC for a little bit, Sara and Adrienne got autographs from him and Mark. We headed back around front to catch Oleander, who sounded really good. Played a lot more off of February Son than we would have thought. In no particular order, they played: Come To Stay, Stupid, Down When I’m Loaded, Benign, Unwind, Why I’m Here, I Walk Alone, Lost Cause, and Are You There.

Then after a rather quick set change, Econoline came out and blasted into TDM! The guys were on as usual, and ripped through all the good stuff: X3, Sparkle and Shine, Surefire, Sinking, Trash, My Salvation, Home, Make It Right, You Don’t Know, and Wicked once again with the Head Like a Hole insert. Home seemed a little flat, but this round of Wicked/HLAH more than made up for it! We didn’t feel like sticking around this time, so right after the set we pretty much left. Both bands were excellent though, and the day was beautiful as well!

Found a video with a brief interview and some show clips!

The first 18 pics are from Sara, and the rest are from this kid Scott who posted to the EC board.
2001-06-24 Econoline Crush, Oleander @ Artvoice Music Fest

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