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06/26/2008 Mike Doughty, Scott Celani, Kevin McCarthy (Buffalo, NY @ Thursday In The Square)

By Eric | June 26, 2008 11:51 pm

Matt and I journeyed down the Thruway on this fine evening, meeting Adam at the Square. Martin Sexton was supposed to the headliner, but due to what was termed a family emergency, he cancelled. Therefore, the man we wanted to see, Mike Doughty, went from opener to headliner! Honestly, we didn’t watch the other two openers at all, as we spent that time getting food and beer. But we certainly paid attention once Mike and “Scrap” Livingston (billed as “The Mike Doughty Duo) took the stage. Scrap is Mike’s usual bass player, but on this night, he had an electric guitar while Doughty rocked an acoustic. Just about everyone stuck around to watch, and we met up with some familiar people ourselves, as Adam’s landlady and her crew hung out with us, and by random chance I ended up next to Ryan from More Than Me (who recognized me first, I might add) and his crew. Needless to say, a good time was had by all! Since I’m a schmuck and blew away the setlist I had typed into my phone (Rule 1: Send it to yourself when you’re done!), I stole the list from setlist.fm: Grey Ghost, Madeline and Nine, Circles, Unsingable Name, I Hear the Bells, Janine, I Just Want the Girl In the Blue Dress to Keep on Dancing, Sunken-Eyed Girl, True Dreams of Wichita, Looks, Busting Up a Starbucks, The Only Answer, Rising Sign, Fort Hood, Put It Down, Soft Serve, The Gambler (Kenny Rogers Cover). Encore: Firetruck (“Written by a 4-year old!”), 27 Jennifers, Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well.

As per usual, Mike had the crowd laughing the whole time with the witty banter in-between songs, seemed genuinely happy to be playing (hell, he got to headline!), and sounded great. I had a great time, I know Matt and Adam did, and the rest of the crowd seemed to as well.

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