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06/27/2014 Sevendust (Niagara Falls, NY @ Rapids Theatre)

By Eric | June 30, 2014 10:36 am

Sevendust show #17! (This puts them in the lead, they were tied with OLP at 16 apiece). The second to last show of the 2nd leg of the Time Travelers & Bonfires acoustic tour. Admittedly, after Southside Double-Wide and being lucky enough to see that show in Rochester, I didn’t think I’d ever see Sevendust play acoustically again, so this was a major treat. I sprung for VIP, which ended up being worth it for the early entry. Strolled up to the barrier, and while we waited a bit, I had people to chat with. Finally, SEVENDUST HAD ARRIVED. The set was a good mix of stuff we’d heard on SSDW, plus the newer tunes, plus some older stuff they’d re-worked acoustically. It’s Sevendust, so musically they never disappoint, LJ was in full throat, and the full house in the crowd was with the band every step of the way. Much like the Rochester acoustic show, it’s the heaviest, loudest acoustic show you’ll ever see. You can’t not bounce during Rumble Fish, no matter how they arrange it. Same thing with Black, for that matter. I was camped out right in front of John Connolly, and LJ wandered over in front of us quite a bit as well. Just a fantastic night. And then, to cap it all off, the meet and greet after the show was awesome as well. I’d met the guys at various times over the years, but to get to chit-chat for a little bit was very cool. Wearing the Doubledrive shirt as a conversation starter didn’t hurt any!


Rumble Fish

Xmas Day
Under It All
Skeleton Song
The Wait
Rumble Fish

Come Down
Got A Feeling
Angel’s Son

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