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06/29/2017 Our Lady Peace, Collective Soul, Tonic (Buffalo, NY @ Albright Knox Art Gallery)

By Eric | June 30, 2017 10:33 am

This was essentially my 20th anniversary concert – give or take 2 weeks, but seeing the same band in the same city where it all started was pretty special. My first ever show was Our Lady Peace at the Tralf in June of 1997, and the only thing that would have made this show even more complete would have been to hang out with my high school friend Christine, whose mom drove us to that first show. As it turned out, she almost came to this show, but was at Darien Lake seeing Third Eye Blind instead. Since I ran into another old co-op friend in Katie at this show, I did get to say hi to Christine via text through her, which was kinda cool. It all comes full circle!

So as for the show itself, I was still in line outside the grounds (the stage and crowd area were in the front parking lot of the museum) when Tonic started. Couldn’t really see them, but heard them perfectly, and they sounded good. I liked that even with a short set, they play some of the more rockin tunes that weren’t necessarily singles, like Liar and Top Falls Down. Jon, Laura and Art met me in line just as we were about to get in, and once we did, it was off to stand in line after line for beer tickets, beer, and then food. We finally got our stuff and staked out a spot just as it was time for set change.

During this set change, in something peculiar and interesting only to me, over the PA they played, among other things, Emphatic’s “Get Paid”, which while a song that I like, made zero sense in the context of this show and/or any of the bands. I must have looked like the RCA Victor dog when it came on as I went “They’re playing this? Here? WHY?”

Open Up Your Eyes
Top Falls Down
You Wanted More
If You Could Only See

You Wanted More

It was about this time I ran into Katie, so I caught up with her all through set change and most of Collective Soul’s set as well. CS sounded terrific, and they’re one of those bands that you forget how many hits they have until they play them all back to back. It was the 90’s all over again for sure!

Collective Soul
Better Now
The World I Know
Right as Rain
Where the River Flows

Someone put a couple of song clips together:

So after another beer run and food run, we settled in for OLP. And after watching this band for 20 years, in all manner of venues and places, this show was… weird. They opened with Innocent, and the setlist selection was varied and somewhat interesting, but yeah. I don’t know. I’ll admit that I have some huge gaps as far as seeing them (2003 @ RIT, then 2009 Lockport, 2010 Clumsy in NT, and then this one) so I don’t know what they’ve normally been playing. I’ll probably never be happy with a setlist at this point. Is Anybody Home and One Man Army were nice to hear, and the new Drop Me In The Water is pretty good. I guess In Repair and Not Enough are the only songs I could really do without, but I’ll forever complain when Starseed is the only song off Naveed. Ah well. The band sounded good, Raine was okay, not stellar. Now that Taggart isn’t in the band anymore either it’s even more not the same as it was back in the day. Despite all that, I really did have a good time, was very happy to be there, and it put me in a nostalgic mood considering all the history with OLP over the last 20 years.

And oh yeah, of course I wore the shirt! (From what I could see, I was the only one with said shirt too!)
2017-06-29 19.18.41 - OLP

Our Lady Peace
Is Anybody Home?
Superman’s Dead
One Man Army
Paper Moon / Life
Somewhere Out There
Drop Me In The Water
Not Enough
In Repair

2017-06-29 Our Lady Peace @ Albright-Knox Art Gallery


Compilation of a bunch of songs:

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