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07/07/2018 Vanilla Ice, Dwayne Gretzky (Buffalo, NY @ Canalside)

By Eric Bonus | July 9, 2018 3:20 pm

Vanilla Ice is one artist I didn’t think I’d ever see in person again, but when it was announced he’d be at Canalside in Buffalo on a Saturday, I figured why the hell not. Nothing was going to live up to the legendary April Fools Day show in 1999, but I figured it could be cool. And it was… okay. He more acted like his own hype-man than anything else. He did part of Play That Funky Music, part of Prozac, part of Ninja Rap, and all of Ice Ice Baby in-between a lot of “make some noise!” and “I can’t hear you” type stuff, plus some snippets of other peoples songs. It was fine, and as far as “keeping the party going”, he did that pretty well, but as a capital-C concert, there wasn’t much. The opening band, Dwayne Gretzky, is a cover band out of Toronto ala the Skycoasters, and they did their part and sounded good doing it. The highlight of my night was running into old RIT friend Mary and her boyfriend Justin, it was great catching up with her and talking about all of the other shows we’d both been to (mainly The Tea Party!). So certainly a fun night, despite the “show” not exactly being the standard concert fare.

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