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07/01/2001 Edgefest: Tool, The Tea Party, Big Wreck, Sevendust, Static in Stereo, Flybanger, Staggered Crossing, Bif Naked, Project Wyze (Barrie, ONT @ Molson Park)

By Eric | July 1, 2001 11:59 pm

By virtue of overlapping sets on multiple stages, also at Edgefest but I didn’t see: Finger Eleven, 3 Doors Down, Gob, Billy Talent, Mudmen (among others).

Rolled up to Barrie with Sara, Adrienne, Danielle, and Dave (plus some others in a separate car (per Sara) that I don’t recall!) for the annual Canada Day blowout. We got to Molson Park about 1:30, cased the place real quick, then went into the main stage area and set up shop by the left tower. Project Wyze was up first, and immediately made me wonder why Sevendust was on the second stage. Needless to say we were not impressed in the least. Bif Naked was up next, and while her set was pretty good, I remember her trying to tell us the day was a scorcher, when it was really like 65-70 degrees, windy, and cloudy all day… in short, the weather wasn’t as nice as it could have been.

At this point me and David headed over to the second stage, caught the end of Staggered Crossing, who were pretty good. Flybanger was on next, and while pretty heavy, they sound just like everyone else. But it beat the hell out of Project Wyze! We got back to the main stage, then I turned right around and got food with Sara, so we watched Static in Stereo (Todd Kerns’ new band after Age of Electric) while we were in line. They sounded pretty good, a straight up rock band. Sevendust was up next, and Dave and I were right in the pit for them… they played 6 songs, 2 new ones (I’m guessing Praise and Dead Set) plus Denial, Black, Bitch and Waffle. As I said at the time, “If the new songs are any indication, the new album is gonna kick ass!” Animosity did indeed end up kicking ass! Their set was way too short for my liking, we really felt they should have been on the main stage. Speaking of which, we came back to main for Big Wreck, who sounded very good, the stuff from their new The Pleasure and the Greed album sounding just as good as the stuff from “In Loving Memory Of…”. Big Wreck setlist: Inhale, Deep Blue Sea (John Lee Hooker cover), Look What I Found, That Song, Ladylike, Knee Deep, Breakthrough, Blown Wide Open, Undersold, Head in the Girl, The Oaf.

Now it was time for the first of the two real headliners – The Tea Party. They came out, and they didn’t disappoint! Roaring into Temptation, then Fire in the Head, a new song, Lullaby, which was anything but (it rocks!), and Psychopomp, they got the somewhat lethargic crowd going. Next was Walking Wounded, Release, another new one called Apathy, Save Me (into Led Zep’s Kashmir), Heaven Coming Down, and finally Sister Awake into Paint it Black, much to the delight of the crowd. A great set from a great band, and we got to see them the next night in Fort Erie as well.

Then it was time for the band EVERYONE came to see, TOOL. With an impressive stage setup, Maynard swayed in front of the video screen for most of the set. Opening with The Grudge, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy. Plowing right into Stinkfist, the energy continued as they took a brief pause before launching 46 & 2, Schism, Sober, Parabola and closing with Lateralus. The set seemed way too short, as everyone was mentioning that they wanted to hear almost every other song that wasn’t played! But they sounded incredible, and the stage show was a sight as well. After sitting in the parking lot for about an hour, we finally got out and slowly made our way home, didn’t get back to NT until 3:30am, which was lovely considering we had a show later that night!

The only picture I have from this show is of me and Adrienne for some reason…

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