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07/02/2002 David Usher, Edwin and the Pressure, Holly McNarland (Fort Erie, ONT @ Fort Erie Race Track)

By Eric | July 2, 2002 11:59 pm

The second Friendship Festival concert, and it was just as easy to get into this one as the first one. There ultimately turned out to be a lot of people, but not at 7:15 when we got there. Holly McNarland had just started when we got to the
stage and met Mary up front. She had a great voice, and the songs were acutally a little harder and edgier than I thought they’d be. Her backing band was pretty good, and while I don’t know any of her songs, they ended with a pretty rockin
cover of Heart’s Barracuda. Next up was Edwin, and while I enjoy his first solo album, seeing him live didn’t really make me like him any more than I already do. Whoever did his mix had the vocals way down, so we couldn’t even hear him. They blew the PA twice throughout the set also, having to stop each time. His backing band was decent, but I know Danielle made the comment that the bass player should go find a new band because hes better than the rest of them! Right at the start of what I think would have been the last song of the set, Edwin suddenly clutched his head and was bleeding pretty bad, as something had hit him. It turns out that some idiot in the crowd had thrown a rock at the stage. There was a huge rush in the crowd near the back, and whoever it was attempted to run away, and didn’t get very far. Even the rest of the band jumped offstage
into the crowd to try and get the guy. The announcement came later that he was okay, taken to the hospital as a precaution, and that they caught the person that did it. Idiot. Anyway, the show went on without any further incident, David Usher came out and played a great set. He sounded excellent, the band sounded excellent, and they put on a very energetic and entertaining show. The setlist was exactly the same as the Tralf show, except that Push was played instead of Tangerine, and no St. Lawerence River at the end. David let the crowd sing the quiet middle part of Black Black Heart, and then commented that his guitar player Kim really was singing the Operatic part in the chorus, which she proceeded to do without accompaniment…. that girl can sing!! During the encore, the crowdsurfing started, and I actually got some kid’s shoe off
this time! He got a little pissed, and accused me of throwing it… “Um, what shoe? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” No big incident, he got his butt kicked in the pit in the process of getting his shoe back. 🙂 But regardless, the show was a good time, and save for Edwin’s vocal mix and then rock injury, the night was a great time.

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