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07/04/2015 The Tragically Hip (Canandaigua, NY @ CMAC)

By Eric | July 6, 2015 9:56 pm

Hip show number 10! Not sure whose idea it was to book the quintessential Canadian band in the US on 4th of July (and a 4th on a Saturday no less), but there we were. “We” being about a half-of-capacity CMAC, so it was pretty much all die-hards. The Buffalo-Fort Erie Friendship Festival this certainly wasn’t. I met Tom, Nikki, and Brendan in the parking lot, and we hung out and waited until just about showtime to shuffle in and find a place on the lawn.

This tour was billed as “Fully and Completely”, which obviously alluded to the fact that the band was playing said album in its entirety, along with what turned out to be two smaller greatest hits sets before and after the album. They opened with Grace, Too, and Gord sounded a little off rhythm. Perhaps it was for artistic and dramatic reasons, but it wasn’t the best rendition I’d ever heard. He got into the swing of things as the beginning set wore on. I joked to Tom that it really wouldn’t be a Hip show for me if I didn’t hear New Orleans is Sinking, and as if on cue, the band hit the opening riff, maintaining my 10-for-10 streak of hearing it at every show.

I was especially excited to hear Fully Completely all the way through for a couple of reasons: A) It’s my favorite Hip album, B) I love the idea of these “album” shows (the OLP and Killswitch Engage shows were great!), and C) there were a good number of tracks I’d never seen live. Chief among these was (incredibly) Fifty-Mission Cap and The Wherewithal, so those two were a real treat. Even hearing my other 10-for-10 song, At The Hundredth Meridian, made for a good time.

2015-07-04 21.40.23 thehip

By the time they’d finished Eldorado (another first-timer!) and took a little break, the ushers had abandoned their posts and a good number of us filtered down into the half-empty seats. We got into the 200 level for the five-song “encore” for a closer look at the one Now For Plan A song, “At Transformation”. The last four were the biggest of the biggest, with Poets, Bobcaygeon, Nautical, and Blow at High Dough as the grand finale. The Hip are always a good time, even better hanging with good friends, and hey, why not celebrate our country’s independence with some of our neighbors across the lake?!

Grace, Too
My Music at Work
In View
Ahead by a Century
New Orleans Is Sinking

Looking for a Place to Happen
At the Hundredth Meridian
Pigeon Camera
Locked in the Trunk of a Car
We’ll Go Too
Fully Completely
Fifty-Mission Cap
Wheat Kings
The Wherewithal

At Transformation
Nautical Disaster
Blow at High Dough

Grace, Too

New Orleans Is Sinking

Pigeon Camera


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