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07/12/2001 Toadies, Diffuser, Johnny Nobody (Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theater)

By Eric | July 12, 2001 11:59 pm

We showed up in the middle of Johnny Nobody’s set, and I’m kinda dissappointed, because they were really good! The lead singer had quite a voice, and power to match. They had quite a few fans as well, cuz the crowd was holllering for them through the entire set. Then Diffuser came out and made JN look even better, because we thought they were awful. The lead singer’s dyed hair was something to behold as well. I have written in my original review simply that, “DIFFUSER GETS FAT CHICKS!”. Can’t remember how or why on that one.

Anyway, after an impatient delay, the Toadies came out, ripping into Motivational, then into Mr. Love, which got the crowd pretty fired up. It had been over 6 years since they’d been to Buffalo, however it seemed like there weren’t a whole lot of hardcore fans there. Some for sure, but not many. The rest of the setlist shaped up like: Push The Hand, Hell Below / Stars Above, Possum Kingdom, What We Have We Steal, Little Sin, Got A Heart, Away, Plane Crash, Paper Dress, I Come From The Water, Heel, Quitter, and then the Toadies made the evening way more interesting and fun. As lead singer Todd Lewis put it, “Now we were going to do the rock star encore thing and come back and play a song called Sweetness, but we’re not gonna do that bullshit!” Mark Reznicek, the drummer, at this point crumpled up his setlist and threw it! Everyone in the crowd was yelling for Tyler, so they acquiesced, but not before Todd threatened not to play it due to some guy in the audience calling him a motherfucker. “Nah, I’m just kidding, we’re gonna play it!” So we got Tyler, and then they started taking requests from the crowd! “What do you want to hear off the new record?” Someone yelled out “BACKSLIDER!!” “Backslider isn’t on the new record!!” There were people yelling for Dollskin, so that got played, then we got Backslider anyway, Jigsaw Girl, after which they finally played Sweetness, and finally a cover of the Pixies “Where is My Mind”. I subsequently got the setlist Mark threw on the ground! For 10 bucks, this was an awesome show!

As it turned out, this was either one of the last or *the* last show of the Hell Below / Stars Above tour, as bassist Lisa Umbarger quit two days later, and Todd Lewis broke up the band three days after that. Interscope Records had no plans to promote the album or the band, and in fact didn’t even support this tour.

2001-07-12 Toadies @ Showplace

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