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07/24/2008 Seether, Sick Puppies, Safetysuit (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | July 24, 2008 11:59 pm

Adam and I pre-gamed for this one by hitting up Thursday in the Square to see More Than Me, because we knew the openers weren’t that great. As it turns out, we rolled into the Ballroom just as Safetysuit was finishing up. It struck me that they were a little out of place on the bill, way too light, but as the first band at KRockathon, it was a little harder to tell, plus festivals usually have some variety. They would have fit in great down at the Square instead. We only had to listen to a song and a half by them thankfully. Sick Puppies were on next, and also having seen them the Saturday bfore, they were better at KRock. Of course, I say this because I wasn’t really paying attention to them at KRock. Here, there were pockets of people that appeared to be into them, but there wasn’t a lot of movement on the floor. Blah. They’re just not that entertaining.

Time for Seether. Adam and I got down on the floor, and fairly close on the left side. And again, there was almost no movement on the floor at all. People were into the show, but hardly anyone was bouncing around, and we had a ton of space around us. There were a lot of people there, but they were all on the upper levels, and not on the floor. Kinda odd, and a real departure from what KRock was! I think it was a little more sparse than it could have been due to the fact that the Warped Tour was at Darien Lake the same day, but there were plenty of people hiding on the higher levels. It also didn’t help (for me anyway) that save for a couple songs, the setlist was exactly the same as the show I saw earlier. Their own headlining show, and only three songs off of “Finding Beauty…”! Guys, come on! There are a lot of quality songs on that album, and they don’t play any of them for some reason. I can’t believe that Troy couldn’t learn those just as easily as he learned the back catalog. They opened with No Jesus Christ this time (instead of Because Of You), ran through a bunch of the same songs as Saturday, inserting The Gift, Driven Under, and bringing out the chick bass player from Sick Puppies to do STP’s Creep. They sounded great again, but some variation would have been nice, and a crowd more packed and more into the show would have been good too. Seether Setlist (not quite in order): No Jesus Christ, Driven Under, Rise Above This, Truth, Needles, The Gift, Fine Again, Gasoline, Burrito, Broken (acoustically), Creep (STP), Fake It, Remedy.

Oh, and Mr. Wanna-be-guido in the black wifebeater? Dude, you’re at a rock show, not a club. Showing us your wingspan in your Jesus Christ Pose *THE ENTIRE NIGHT* is not necessary. I realize you want to pose for your equally wanna-be-guido friend, and the two girls that literally up and left the area because you bugged the hell out of them, but really, I don’t need your arms in my face every thirty seconds. The band can barely see you, and they really don’t care either. Just enjoy the show, ya know, the band that’s on stage? No one came to see you.

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