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07/25/2008 3 Doors Down, Staind, Hinder, Jet Black Stare (Darien, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

By Eric | July 25, 2008 11:59 pm

The middle round of my three-show tripleheader was a more relaxed affair than the first, but still had it’s moments. I arrived into the pavilion right as Jet Black Stare was finishing up. I had listened to a couple of songs on their MySpace page, and the live set was similar: generic and bland. They sound like everyone else. Upon arrival, I also noticed that by virtue of having a ticket for Section 102, Row 9, Seat 21, I was on the far, far, far left side of the venue, end of the row, right in front of the speaker stack. Thankfully, I wear earplugs, because they were needed on this night!

I settled into my seat for Hinder’s set. They were somewhat entertaining, and since I know the songs, I took more than just a passing interest, but they are such a chick band. Seriously. The singer is overly expressive (and overly raspy too), and the rest of the band just played to the ladies. Nothing wrong with that, and they were fun, but not something I’m going crazy for. They played two new songs off their upcoming (November release date, kinda early, no?) album, and predictably, the last two songs were the crowd sing-alongs that everyone knows. It’s cool, I can say I saw them, and I don’t really have to see them again.
Hinder Setlist: How Long, Homecoming Queen, Heaven Sent You (new song), Better Than Me, Use Me (new song), Room 21, Lips Of An Angel, Get Stoned

Staind was up next, after a fairly short turnaround time. Since they had a small GA section in the front, the seats only went up to row 8 (one in front of me) before a sizeable metal barrier. The turnout for this show had to be short of a sellout, either that or there were plenty of unused tickets, because that 8th row never really got populated. Well, I populated it, naturally, so I had psuedo-barrier for Staind’s set with no hassle! They looked refreshed from their two years off of touring, as Mike was completely rocking out to start off the set. They also threw the old fans a bone, by playing Just Go second in the set, which was great. I figured it would be the “Greatest Hits” set again, and while I was mostly right, it seemed more uptempo than the show in ’05, and thus I felt it was a better overall show. Perhaps the song order had something to do with that also, and that included an Aaron Lewis solo acoustic take on Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page”, which was pretty cool. They closed it out with Mudshovel, which still kills every time I hear it. Oh, and I said no hassle? Well, save for one little thing. Right at the start of Staind’s set, a guy three rows back asked me to shift a foot left or right so he could see. Okay, no problem. Then a song later, he goes “Can you sit down?” I looked at him, pretty much said “Are you serious?”, laughed, pointed at the people in the GA section just on the other side of the barrier that were also standing, said “NO”, and turned back around. I’m thinking, it’s a concert, you’re young enough (he looked mid/late 30’s), STAND UP! His girlfriend actually apologized to me after the set, saying she didn’t know why he was asking, they could see fine. I told her it’s cool, I wasn’t bothered much. But I wasn’t going to sit down either!
Staind Setlist: Price To Play, Just Go, Fade, Believe (new song), Falling, Outside, Turn The Page (Aaron Lewis solo acoustic), For You, It’s Been Awhile, Right Here, So Far Away, Mudshovel

So now for 3 Doors Down. Again, they’ve actually gotten better every time I’ve seen them, and this show was fairly exciting, considering it’s 3DD. It’s not like they’re going to have mosh pits or anything, but the crowd was ridiculously sedate compared to most of the shows I go to. It was kinda weird to see people standing, bobbing their heads, but not really getting into the show. Are you even having fun? I think it kinda kills the momentum of the band sometimes. There was enough crowd response though, as they had to have known most of the songs. 3DD actually played 5 songs off of their newest album in addition to the “Greatest Hits” aspect of the rest of the set. Not too shabby. The entire night was pretty good, and really served to get me more excited for the next day’s show.
3 Doors Down Setlist: Train, Kryptonite, Citizen/Soldier, Away From The Sun, Duck and Run, Let Me Go, Be Like That, It’s Not Me, Landing In London, The Road I’m On, Be Myself, Behind Those Eyes, Pages, Here Without You, Loser. Encore: It’s Not My Time, When I’m Gone.

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