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08/12/2002 Our Lady Peace, Audiovent (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | August 12, 2002 11:59 pm

Well, OLP show #13, first one since back to back March ’01 shows. Greenwheel was the other opening act at this show, but due to miscommunication between me and Mary, I didnt realize she would not be attending until about 7pm, so I hauled ass into Rochester, picked up Rachel, and got to Water Street by 8:30, to just catch Greenwheel walking off stage. Blah. Headed up to the balcony, and we were about 4 deep up there too, so for a lot of the show, I really didn’t see a whole lot. No matter. In any case, Audiovent was decent, the lead singer and guitar player are the brothers of the singer and guitar players in Incubus, and you could tell. It was a little Brandon Boyd up there, even though the music wasnt exactly the same. I liken them to back when Incubus was harder. (S.C.I.E.N.C.E. anyone?) Anyway, they sounded really good, no bad words here. Then an extended wait for OLP, who didnt come on until about 10:45 I’d say. With both Mike and Jamie not in the band anymore, it was a bit different. Not that they were bad by any means, they sounded awesome, but it just wasn’t quite the same. Maybe I’m dumb and jaded, hehe 🙂 So they opened with All For You, right into Do You Like It, mimicing the beginning of Gravity. From that, the singalong for Superman’s Dead was quite impressive, and then into Naveed, with the new guitar player (Steve Mazur) trying to copy Mike’s old extended intro, and not quite pulling it off. Then in the middle of the song, they stuck a part of Life in there, which was interesting and different. From there, we got Not Enough, Bring Back The Sun, and daring stunts from Raine during One Man Army. He climbed up to the balcony from the bar, did just about the entire song up there, and at the end of the song, dropped, so as to be caught by the crowd! Shades of Eddie Vedder and/or Cregg (BoyHitsCar) at all? 🙂 Whatever was next, followed by Is Anybody Home?, Innocent, Right Behind You, Birdman (the return of Raine doing the strobe light dance!), Clumsy, Are You Sad, and they closed the main set with Starseed. The encore started with Somewhere Out There, and the next song was a joygasm and a half… NEON CROSSING!! I’ve waited 12 shows to hear something oddball off of Naveed, and for *lucky* 13, they finally did one! By this time I was able to worm my way up to the barrier up top of the balcony, so I enjoyed this one with a full view 🙂 The final song of the night was the 4am singalong, also very impressive. The show sounded excellent, they looked good, the setlist was 18 songs long and a good mix, but as a fan since the release of Clumsy, it’s just not the same without Mike and Jamie being there.

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