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08/13/1999 Eve6, Velour (Buffalo, NY @ Sideshow Music Hall)

By Eric | August 13, 1999 11:59 pm

While I was never the biggest Eve6 fan in the world, a free show is a free show. Coke was running a promotion called IYDKYDG (If You Don’t Know, You Don’t Go), and I forgot what hoops we had to jump through to get the tickets, but it wasn’t much. I do remember the sideshow being a sauna, and our first grade trio of myself, Sara and Joe G. being the ones that went. This was our second run-in with Velour, and again we thought they were terrible.

We thought the crowd was terrible too. Not sure if it was the Eve6 fan base, or just in general, but there were many failed attempts at crowdsurfing, the mosh pits were fairly lame as well. As for the show, Eve6 seemed to be having a great time playing up the “rock star” persona, and they sounded decent too. According to an old MTV article I found, Max Collins, the singer, had recently had surgery to remove nodes on his vocal cords, so this was only the 4th show back on the road for them. I have no idea what they played, but considering they only had the one album out at the time, I’ve got to assume they played close to the whole thing.

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