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08/23/2003 Theory of a Deadman, Klear (Niagara Falls, NY @ Summit Park Mall)

By Eric | August 23, 2003 11:59 pm

This was a part of the 2-day “Rock The Border” event that was put on at the mall, featuring a ton of local bands, and then national headliners. Saturday’s headliner was obviously Theory of a Deadman, who Tiff and I came to see. Most of the bands were outside, and then the main acts were inside the old Jenss department store. Pretty weird setup, but it worked out alright. We got there just as the band before Klear was finishing up, and then Klear did their set. They sounded better than they did at Edgefest, and everyone was generally into them. After their half-hour, Theory was up. Adrienne had finished work at the mall, and came in and joined us. The set was primarily the same as the Showplace show, with the order switched up a bit. They sounded just as good, and I’m sure they were relieved to have more people this time! The security for the show left a little to be desired, as there was no barrier, so they had their backs to the stage in front of us. Not a problem if they’d stand reasonably still, but no, they had to turn and talk to each other, and just get in our way. Plus one of them was drinking a beer! So the venue and organization left a little to be desired, but Theory’s performance did not, and we had a great time seeing them again!

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