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08/25/2017 Eyehategod, Cro-Mags, Escuela (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | August 28, 2017 3:49 pm

I’d heard about both of these bands for years and years. Cro-Mags are one of the most influential hardcore bands ever, and in terms of sludgy metal, no one seems to be more revered than Eyehategod. Between Phil Anselmo wearing their shirt in the I’m Broken video, and Randy Blythe always repping them, they’ve always been in the consciousness. Having no real background with either band, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

I only got there in time to see the last opener, Escuela, a band from Ithaca with a female lead singer who hit it pretty hard – they were perfect openers for this. Cro-Mags were next, and there were a lot of old hardcore dudes that went off… it’s always cool to see the people that are lifers get all into it. I barely know We Gotta Know and Hard Times, so the rest of it was an education.

Cro-Mags setlist (guessing based on other sets):
World Peace
Show You No Mercy
Crush the Demoniac
Street Justice
Signs of the Times
Right Brigade (Bad Brains cover)
Attitude (Bad Brains cover)
It’s the Limit
Life of My Own
Don’t Tread on Me
We Gotta Know
Hard Times

Hard Times

The education continued when EHG hit the stage. Slow and sludgy was the name of the game, and knowing a full zero songs, I just kinda hung back and watched them do their thing. It’s not my favored genre by any stretch, but I can now say I saw them, and had the opportunity to check out something I normally wouldn’t. Besides, live metal is live metal!

Eyehategod setlist (guessing based on other sets):
New Orleans Is the New Vietnam
Lack of Almost Everything
Jack Ass in the Will of God
Parish Motel Sickness
Left to Starve
Blank / Shoplift
Medicine Noose
Ruptured Heart Theory
Agitation! Propaganda!
Sisterfucker (Part I)
Sister Fucker (Part II)
Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere
Take as Needed for Pain
Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)
Run It Into the Ground

2017-08-25 Eyehategod / Cro-Mags @ Montage

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