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09/04/2019 Cold, Awake For Days, University Drive (Buffalo, NY @ Buffalo Iron Works)

By Eric | September 6, 2019 9:23 am

After a long hiatus for the band, and a 9+ year gap for me between shows, I finally got to see Cold again! Fittingly, this was show number 13, and in an incredible fact I discovered while reminiscing, including this show I’d never seen the band in the same venue twice! Thirteen different venues. Kind of amazing,

Which is a good way to describe this show as well. It was pretty cool to see that the band still has a following after all these years, and equally cool to see the age spread. There were quite a few younger people in the crowd, meaning there’s still some discovery going on, and the hype for the just-about-to-be-released new album was working. Plenty of us old people there too, but a bit of a lack of older shirts. No matter, as per usual I got to talking with people about which shows we’d seen the band at and swapping stories. Always a good time.

After University Drive (all the way from Italy!) had their time, everyone migrated to the front for Cold. Scooter has put together a brand new band, including guitar player Nick Coyle, who was the front man for Lifer (whom I saw open for Cold at Water Street back in 2001!) and in a surprise, Sam was drumming! He had not been a part of the recording process and apparently was a last minute addition to the touring lineup. I was glad to see him though! They came out on stage and started all the way back at the beginning… Everyone’s A Devil off the Grundig album! It was sort of a sign of things to come, as they played a lot of back catalog (It’s All Good, Ocean, The Break), although the hits got their due as well. As for my favorites, they played Remedy, Suffocate, Confession (still my all-time favorite) and Give. We got three new songs (Without You, Snowblind, Shine), and interestingly the closer was Feel It In Your Heart. The show was fantastic, the crowd was great and singing along to everything, the band was super dialed in and interacting with everyone, especially Scooter. It was everything I wanted from this show after not seeing them for nine years, and it conjured up a lot of good memories of seeing Cold over the last 20 years!

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Welcome to the next level… @coldmusic in Buffalo at @buffaloironworks last night. It was my 13th (!) time seeing the band, the first time in nine years, and inexplicably never at the same venue twice! Just as good as they always were, and had just as much fun as I always did! @nickcoyleofficial @lindsaymanfredi @jonnova @sam.mccandless #coldarmy #cold #brokenhumantour2019 #buffalo #concertpics

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Everyone’s the Devil
Without You
No One
The Break
It’s All Good
When Angels Fly Away
Happens All the Time
End of the World
God’s Song
Stupid Girl

Just Got Wicked
Feel It in Your Heart

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