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09/02/2001 Cold, Dope, Lifer (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | September 2, 2001 11:59 pm

We got there pretty early, hung out in line for awhile, Joe, Janet and Nick met us, and Karl and Dave showed up later. Got inside, waited a bit, and Lifer came out. These guys were terribly boring, pretty ironic considering thats the name of their first single! Then Dope was on, and boy do these guys suck. I’m ashamed to admit that I still own this CD, they were freakin terrible. White Trash in the truest sense of the word, how these guys got a fanbase, let alone a record deal is beyond me. So for the last song, the lead singer, Edsel Dope (what a name, doomed to failure!), puts his big-ass foot on the barrier, right in front of Mary. Now I don’t want her getting kicked in the head, so I put my hand on his foot… he wants to come forward, so I start pushing his foot back (he’s only got one on the barrier, the other one is on the stage). He gets pissed and starts smacking me on the head, trying to take my hat or something…. it was kinda funny. Jason was behind me, catches my hat, so I start waving it around and yell, “I STILL HAVE IT MOTHERFUCKER!!!” So he comes over and spits water at me… ooh…. you’re a tough man. He’s so skinny I could probably take him! Anyway, they got their sorry asses off stage, and after a brief delay, Cold comes on. They ripped into Give, then into End Of The World, Confession, and then Terry brought out the acoustic and they played Ugly. Mary had made a sign that said “Superstar”, and Scooter acknowledged it, but they unfortunately didn’t play it. 🙁 After that, No One, Send In The Clowns, Witch, and It’s All Good followed. At this point, I yelled out for Goodbye Cruel World, (proving again I’m psychic!) which they ripped into! They closed the main set with Just Got Wicked. For the first song of the encore, Terry had the acoustic again, and Scoot sang Bleed. The rest of the band came back out for She Said, and closed with Go Away. The show was great, the crowd was decent, and it would seem that Cold’s first headlining tour is on its way to being a success.

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