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09/13/2002 Medeski, Martin and Wood (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

By Eric | September 13, 2002 11:59 pm

Karl and I went to this one on the reccomendation of our friend George, who is into more bluesy, jazzy, eclectic kind of stuff. Boy was he right about the eclectisim on this one. MMW are a trio that apparently are the new wave of jazz. I can say I tried, and if you’re into it, great, but it’s definately not for me. Between the drummer, the keyboardist, and the guitarist/bassist, there was a lot of solos, dissonant solos at that, and when they all came back in, and started a groove, I could dig it, but the grooves seemed to be few and far between. Some call it experimentation, I’d just call it playing whatever note for the hell of it. We stayed for about an hour, and when they took a little break, we broke… for the doors.

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