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09/21/2017 Megadeth, Unearth (Rochester, NY @ The Dome Arena)

By Eric | September 25, 2017 10:15 am

Continuing my run of shows where I know I should see a band without being immersed in their catalog, I picked up my second of the Big 4 by seeing Megadeth. I’m not sure how Unearth got the opening gig for this – I didn’t know they were still playing out, and they didn’t do much more for me this go around than they did when I saw them in 2009 opening for Hatebreed. They were fine, but meh. Just not one of the metalcore bands I ever got interested in.

Met up with Scott and hung out in the back, as he was in the same boat as me, meaning we knew enough Megadeth tunes to be familiar, but not enough to be real fans. It was an excellent show however, the band sounded great, Dave Mustaine’s singing sounded good, and the crowd was pretty into it. This was simply one of those shows to kick back, watch, and enjoy!

2017-09-21 Megadeth @ The Dome Arena

Megadeth setlist:

Hangar 18
The Threat Is Real
Sweating Bullets
Conquer or Die!
Dawn Patrol
Poison Was the Cure
Take No Prisoners
A Tout Le Monde
Poisonous Shadows
Tornado of Souls
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Hangar 18

Holy Wars

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