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09/29/1998 Fuel, Ednaswap (Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theater)

By Eric | September 29, 1998 11:59 pm

[There’s a Buffalo News article that also mentions Ruth Ruth, but I have zero recollection of that band at all.]

The backstory and personal anecdotes for this show far, far, far outweigh the actual show and review. The nutshell version goes a little something like this: At this particular time, I’m still playing “trade petty disparaging message with previous HS girlfriend” on the OLP message board, while hanging out with Mary and Kelley at college, both from the Buffalo area as well. Fuel show gets announced, I ask both if they want to go, and I suspect they said yes partially because they wanted to see the band, and partially because they were in tune with the message board sniping and figured they’d have some fun (we knew the ex would be in attendance). So we head down the Thruway, get in, and during the entirety of the opener, Ednaswap (who I thought were terrible, I might add), we catch my ex’s eyes with me having a girl on either arm, and a totally disgusted look on her face. Night made before Fuel even came out!

Fun fact: Ednaswap are the original artists of the song “Torn”, which we all know much better as covered by Natalie Imbruglia. I’m guessing they played it, but I really have no idea.

As I recall, Fuel played just about everything off of Sunburn, plus a Beatles cover of “Revolution”. They sounded excellent, but truth be told, we were half paying attention to the band and half paying attention to my ex. So who messed with who, really?

Postscript 1: After the show we met Kelley’s then-boyfriend out to eat, and upon heading back to RIT by getting on the Thruway at Transit Rd, I promptly got on westbound instead of eastbound and had to do a U-turn at the water tower. Smooth move.

Postscript 2: All’s well that ends well, 17 years later, I’m still friends and acquaintances with everyone, including that ex!

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