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10/12/2013 Pearl Jam (Buffalo, NY @ First Niagara Center)

By Eric | October 31, 2013 9:43 am

It’s a Pearl Jam show, with no opener. How much better could it get? Michaela and I had seats up in the moon (304 to be exact), but we could see and hear perfectly. This was the 2nd show of the first leg of the Lightning Bolt tour, so the band was still feeling out and debuting songs off the new album (My Father’s Son and Swallowed Whole), but they never forget the die-hard fans, with a couple No Code tracks on this night (Sometimes, Present Tense, Off He Goes), I’m partial to Immortality and Indifference, plus we got Low Light and Rats! I was a bit surprised that Yellow Ledbetter wasn’t the closer (or played at all for that matter), but it hardly mattered. The band was in top-notch form, and the crowd was electric from start to finish (and no one sat down the entire night, anywhere). To top it all off, after the show, to “avoid the traffic” (lol) we wandered next door to Buffalo Iron Works to grab a drink, and they had Mookie Blaylock, Buffalo’s Pearl Jam cover band (featuring Joe, Alex and Mario from STEMM) playing! A perfect nightcap!

01. Pendulum
02. Low Light
03. Sometimes
04. Corduroy
05. Lightning Bolt
06. Mind Your Manners
07. Do The Evolution
08. Immortality
09. My Father’s Son
10. Even Flow
11. Swallowed Whole
12. Sirens
13. Once
14. Comatose
15. I Got Shit
16. Infallible
17. Present Tense
18. State Of Love And Trust
19. Porch

Encore 1:
20. Off He Goes
21. Yellow Moon
22. Future Days
23. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
24. Rats
25. Got Some
26. Rearviewmirror
Encore 2:
27. Go
28. Alive
29. Baba O’Riley
30. Indifference


My Father’s Son

Present Tense (part)

Off He Goes

Yellow Moon

Future Days / Elderly Woman / Rats


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