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10/31/2000 (hed)pe, Agent Me (Buffalo, NY @ The Sideshow)

By Eric | October 31, 2000 11:59 pm

Halloween. 5 Bucks. (hed)pe. What the hell more could I ask for? Showed up in the middle of Agent Me’s set, they’re some local band, they were okay. I was very surprised at the lack of people in the beginning… got a barrier spot right away. (hed) comes out… better than the two Rochester shows combined!!! Mostly the same setlist, BUT THEY PLAYED FIRSTY THIS TIME!!!! During the chorus part, Jahred stuck the mic right in my face for the “You must be confused, you must be confused if ya think I give a f*ck!” part. Holy crap! Then after the show I snag a pic AND a setlist…. got it signed by everyone except Wes (go figure, I got him both times before!) All the other guys were mad cool in hanging around to talk and sign stuff… WOW!

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