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11/02/2007 Sevendust (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | November 2, 2007 11:59 pm

My 10th Sevendust show! 10 Years, Black Light Burns, and Neverset were also on this bill, but I didn’t see them, because I was too busy enjoying my front row seat to the Tragically Hip show across town at the Auditorium Theater. However, I got out of that show, flew over to Water Street, miraculously found a parking spot on Andrews, ran down the street, and got to the Music Hall to find that I’d only missed 2 Sevendust songs! I promptly found a spot next to the bar, grabbed a beer, and surveyed the crowd while listening to the boys get back to the self-titled days with Terminator and Prayer. After the beer, I decided it was time to get down and dirty in the pit, and I careened through the actual pit to get to the outer fringe in front of the stage. It was kinda nice having all the energy, just getting there, as opposed to being there all night and already being tired by the time the headliners start. As per usual, seeing Sevendust is a full-contact sport, but the crowd was pretty cool, no real idiots in the pit. The song selection was a bit different than when I saw them in Buffalo in late July, mainly with the distribution of older songs. I missed seeing Crucified and Pieces (neither of which they played in Buffalo, oh well), some of the older stuff they mixed in was the Terminator/Prayer medley, and Born To Die which I’ve never seen them do! Great times. I got out all of my aggression in the 45 minutes I saw of them, and it was well worth the ticket price just for that.

Denial/Terminator/Prayer (medley)
Born To Die
Beg To Differ
Face to Face

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