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11/01/2003 Nickelback, Trapt, Three Days Grace (Utica, NY @ Utica Memorial Auditorium)

By Eric | November 1, 2003 11:59 pm

Tiff and I found some seats in the upper middle section, with a great view of the stage, as we weren’t going to chance anything with her finger still splinted from her stitches. Three Days Grace was up first, and I didn’t think they were quite as impressive as when I saw them at Showplace in July. Maybe being on a bigger stage, maybe not being as close, but while they rocked out, it was just kinda blah. Predictably, everyone went nuts for I Hate Everything About You, but for the rest of the set there were only pockets of people doing any moving. After a fairly quick setchange, Trapt came out, and they sounded much better than at Edgefest in May. It was hard to hear the guitar for the first song or two, but they eventually got it evened out. They seemed to have more energy than the last time I saw them as well, and they even brought it down to acoustics for Stories. They opened with Still Frame, and also played These Walls, Echo, The Game, Hollowman, Made of Glass, and closed with Headstrong, which the place went nuts for. I still wouldn’t call them “amazing” live, but they were much better than I had previously thought. So after another setchange, it was Nickelback time! They came out guns blazing with pyro and smoke and opened with Flat on the Floor. Next was Breathe, and then Someday right away, with their guitar tech Timmy sitting in on the acoustic guitar. Rather interesting, but I figure the upper range in the song is higher than most, so they make sure Chad can hit it by playing it early. Chad also commented on all the smoke by saying his smoke bombs as a kid smelled just like that 🙂 Do This Anymore was next, followed by Where Do I Hide, during which they did the traditional “flim the audience” thing. Chad made a poor guitar toss to Timmy, and clipped him in the head! Timmy was the butt of jokes for the rest of the night, as Chad was campaigning for a lovely nurse from the crowd to take care of him hehe. Leader of Men was next, followed by Figured You Out and Woke Up This Morning. Acoustic time, as quotes from Spider-Man were played over the PA as the guys broke into Hero, and stayed acoustic for Should’ve Listened. Plugged back in, Because of You was next, followed by Too Bad, Feeling Way Too Damn Good, and then closing the main set was Never Again. The lights went out for the encore, and when they came back, Ryan didn’t have a guitar, and Chad was saying that anyone that had a camera had better get them ready, because what we were going to see was a rare occasion… Ryan doing lead vocals on a cover of Soul Coughing’s Super Bon Bon!!! It rocked too, and he uncannily sounded like Mike Doughty… they had a hell of a good time doing that one, and most of the crowd responded favorably as well. After an invitation to sing, the closer was none other than How You Remind Me. They had a lot of pyro, and it was well timed and LOUD. A fun time though, and the Nickelback boys didn’t disappoint!

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