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11/03/2002 Jerry Cantrell, Udora, Mad At Gravity, Comes With The Fall (Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt)

By Eric | November 3, 2002 11:59 pm

After much driving around in and around Ithaca during the day, Kelley, Adam and I decended upon the Haunt about 9pm, and Comes With The Fall was just finishing up their set. We caught the last two songs, and they sounded pretty decent. Mad At Gravity was up next, and while the first three or so songs were impressive, the second half kinda reverted to the Incubus/Hoobastank/Audiovent type of California stuff… they weren’t bad, but they weren’t exceptional either. Udora was up next, from Brazil they said. The music wasn’t the most original stuff ever, but they put a ton of feeling and emotion into it, and it made the show entertaining, especially their bass player, he was a maniac! Time for Jerry!!! I felt like I was at a taping of the Jerry Springer show with the chanting! hehe… He came out and started playing Castaway, then into Bargain Basement Howard Hughes and Psychotic Break. It was sort of a slow way to open the set, but if the crowd wasn’t into it yet, they were by the time he played Anger Rising and Cut You In!! That really got the little place rocking, and he followed that up with Hellbound and Devil By His Side… I could see the setlist, and it said No Excuses was supposed to be next, but someone yelled out “IT AIN’T LIKE THAT!!” to which Jerry replied… “Good Choice!” and proceeded to play it!! Freakin awesome!! After that, he said “Okay, we played one of yours, now it’s my pick…” as they started up Angry Chair!! Mildy amusing was the fact that Jerry always wanted to sing different words than what was normally in the song at that point, which was totally screwing up his guitar player / other singer… quite comical!! Next up was Man In The Box, which the crowd sang a lot of, to close the main set… after a bit, they came back and started up Down In A Hole, and finished the night out with Them Bones. It was a great show in a wicked small place, about half of what Showplace is, and they crammed about 600 people into this place!! Jerry mentioned during the set that the owner of the club used to be Sean Kinney’s drum tech back in the day, and that’s why he played Ithaca. Kinda explains things, since one would think Jerry would be playing a bit bigger place around here, such as Showplace or Water Street, or even one of the clubs in Syracuse. No matter, better for us!!! After the show we milled around for a minute or two, and Kelley scored me a Jerry pick, and a Comes With The Fall setlist. Thanks Kel!!

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