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11/09/2001 Econoline Crush, Mudmen, Lucid (Niagara Falls, NY at Evening Star)

By Eric | November 9, 2001 11:59 pm

We drove down to Erie, PA earlier in the day to pick up Mary’s sister Patrice, and drove right back to Niagara Falls to catch the show. I’d never been to the Evening Star before this, and was pleasantly surprised at the place. I was expecting this hole in the wall shitty-type bar, and while small, it was really clean and the sound was decent. And no barrier!!! We got there and there was no one there except for our crew: Joe, Nick, Janet, Sara, Danielle and Adrienne. This was Lucid’s first show ever, and they sounded pretty good, much like a conglomeration of Creed, Tantric, and Cool For August. Very good stage presence and such for the lead singer considering it was their first show. Mudmen came out, and they have two bagpipe players with them! Its primarily punk rock with bagpipes, but its decent! The bagpipe players were really good, and they utilized them throughout all the songs, not just in spots like Korn. Although the lead singer was definately Italian, they closed with a Irish-like number called “Drink and Fight” that was pretty rowdy. Then it was time for Econoline. Dan was MIA, supposedly he’s sick and we’ll be back, but no one knows for sure. The replacement bass player looked like his little brother, according to Joe its one of Mark’s old bandmates. They played almost the same setlist as at Showplace, expect for the Encore we got TDM, The Devil You Know, Blunt and May I Go, for which Ziggy brought out an acoustic! We were mad close, Trevor touched Mary, and they sounded as good as always. Another fine show by the EC boys, and Patrice had quite the experience for her first real rock concert! Thanks to Adrienne for the pictures!

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