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11/17/1999 Our Lady Peace, Velour (Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theater)

By Eric | November 17, 1999 11:59 pm

This show is one of my all-time favorite concert stories, and it has much more to do with obtaining the tickets, rather than the show itself. And the show was nothing to sneeze at!

So in order to get tickets to this one, the Edge was asking people donate turkeys to the food pantry by taking them to a “secret” location, which was announced right when the ticket giveaway started. Mary and I bought two frozen turkeys the night before, and so I had two turkeys (two tickets) in the trunk, and drove into Buffalo at like 8 in morning from Rochester… only have the DJ’s be bastards and tell us they’d announce the location at 1pm! AARGH! (Thank God it was a day with no classes!) I milled around town for a couple hours, and then went to my strategic starting point, the Wegmans parking lot on Amherst St. in Buffalo. Close to the 198, so I could hit either the 90 or the 190 in a quick hurry. So they announce that the turkeys would be collected at… Delaware Park, on the corner of Parkside and the 198! SCORE! I seriously couldn’t have been any closer. I rushed over and got my tickets, I think I was the 6th or 7th person there.

Fast forward three days. The show rolls around, we get there super early and got to talk to Jamie Edwards (the touring guitar/keyboard player) for a good long time, and then Raine parks his BMW right behind my car (adorned with 2 or 3 OLP stickers at the time, mind you)!! I was getting something out of the car, and he walks by, and I’m like “Hey Raine, what’s up?”. So that was something new, and I can’t say that anything like that has happened to me since! So we finally get inside, get a barrier spot, and watch a great show… We got to hear a couple more of the tunes off of Happiness live (we’d seen OLP open for Creed about a month before in Syracuse) Raine was a little sick, so the set was a touch short, but the band sounded great, and to see OLP at a place that small at that point in time (little did we know about the Tralf two years later) was like a jackpot for us. Our favorite concert nemesis Velour actually went on *after* OLP, so we heard half of one song and split.

Happiness & the Fish
Superman’s Dead
Automatic Flowers
Potato Girl
Is Anybody Home?
The Birdman
Consequence of Laughing
Lying Awake
One Man Army
Stealing Babies


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