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11/18/2000 3 Doors Down, Shades Apart, Dust For Life (Geneseo, NY @ Kuhl Gym)

By Eric | November 18, 2000 11:59 pm

I got disappointed before the show even started, because COLD was also supposed to be on the bill, but canceled because of “bus trouble”, a.k.a. they were told to practice for the upcoming Marilyn Manson tour. In any event, I was soured on the show before it even started. Dust For Life was okay, a Creed-like band but not very exciting. The crowd was okay, some kid in a wheelchair made it all the way up front… not too bright. Shades Apart came out and had some energy, and all the idiots in the crowd showed up… lots of crowdsurfers getting beat down in the front rows… Shades Apart sounded decent, saved the one everyone knew (Stranger By The Day) for last. Me, Mary and Sara left for the bleachers for 3DD, cuz we didnt feel like putting up with more crowdsurfers for a band we really dont love. Their set was good, they sounded good, but there was no movement on the stage… the guys kinda just played the songs and that was it. Half the people left after Kryptonite… The show was decent, but I couldnt get into it not having COLD there.

Pics thanks to Sara.
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