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12/03/2003 Zebrahead, Lucky Boys Confusion, Plain White T’s, Supergarage (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | December 3, 2003 11:59 pm

I drove back to Rochester for the day to see this show with Tiff, as Lucky Boys is one of her favorite bands. The tickets said doors at 6, so we got there about 6:15, only to still wait in line for a bit. Since this was on the club side (the smaller side), we got to wait indoors. Plus, a grand total of about 75 people showed up. If it was on the big side, the place would have looked completely empty. So as we’re milling around, Tiff spots the bass player from LBC, and gets an autograph and chats for a minute or two with him. Supergarage started around 7, and asked if anyone knew who they were. Of course not! They’re from Toronto, and I think they won some contest on Edge 102 a while back, Battle of the Bands or something. They were decent, nothing great, but not intolerable either. Standard rock/punk fare. They mentioned they came with nothing but weed, and appeared to use the Plain White T’s gear. Not sure. Anyway, the Plain White T’s were indeed next, and we had seen them once before, opening for Saves the Day at Showplace. They were pretty good as pop/punk goes, and seemed to have a couple fans there that knew the words. Then it was time for LBC. They didn’t disappoint at all, as the show sounded great, and the guys had a lot of energy. Opening with Champions, and then right into Breaking Rules, the guys seemed surprised that there were a good 10-15 of us that knew the songs and were rocking out. Atari, Fred Astaire and Blame were next, with the intensity level continuing to be high… Bossman, Closer, and Broken continued the pace, and because they ended up being a little pressed for time, Sunday Afternoon didn’t get played, even though it was on the setlist. The new single, Hey Driver, was paired up with 3-10 (CB’s Caddy Pt 3) for the finale. The little room at Water Street sounded great, and even though the crowd was small, the LBC guys didn’t seem deterred by that at all. After their set, we collected autographs from the rest of the guys, and Tiff got a couple pictures as well. We stuck around for 3 of Zebrahead’s songs, weren’t impressed in the least, and took off. I thought there would have been at least a couple more people in attendance, but hey, small and intimate is never bad, right?

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