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12/07/1999 Oleander, Staind, Shelia Divine (Buffalo, NY @ Sideshow Music Hall)

By Eric | December 7, 1999 11:59 pm

Two Edge charity shows in a row! This show was roughly a month after the infamous OLP “turkey show”, and while there was a donation involved with getting these tickets as well, the story wasn’t nearly as involved… Mary and I simply donated to Toys for Tots and got our tickets that way. This show was also the first time we’d seen Staind since meeting them outside of Showplace that prior May. As if that “meeting the band” experience wasn’t cool enough, this time we got there pretty early, and along with maybe one or two other people chatted with Aaron Lewis for a good 20 minutes or so, even walking to the convenience store across the street from the venue with him! Staind still wasn’t huge yet (they’d played Family Values 1999, but Outside hadn’t been released yet), so that sort of thing could still happen!

Once inside, we got through the Shelia Devine (I was never really a fan of them), and then it was time for Staind. I recall them playing everything off of Dysfunction, and just generally sounding great. We were right at the barrier so we got some great pictures as well as generally going nuts. There were plenty more people there to see Staind this time around than at Showplace, so that made for a better atmosphere as well.

The night’s headliner was Oleander, and we were pretty excited to see them for a full set, up close and personal, versus the huge stage playing 5 songs to people that couldn’t care less as the first opener on the Creed/OLP tour that we saw in Syracuse. I have no idea on the setlist, but I’m guessing it was probably all of February Son. Guitarist/lead singer Tom Flowers played the intro to I Walk Alone while he was literally inches from our faces, as we’d been singing along all night. That helped out later, after the set, as we got recognized, chatted with and got autographs from Doug (the bass player) and Rick (the guitarist). Another super fun show in an era full of them!

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