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08/08/2007 Stone Sour, Sydonia, Dirty Little Rabbits (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | August 8, 2007 11:52 pm

This show was pretty good, but it could have been a lot better. Firstly, due to lower than expected ticket sales, the show was moved from the Main Street Armory to Water Street. Okay, not that big of a deal. But then, it turns out that the promoter for the show pretty much screwed Stemm off the bill as one of the openers. The band was promised a guaranteed amount of money for the show, plus a cut of whatever ticket sales they could generate (through a paypal link on their site). In reality, the cut of the tickets was all they would get, no guaranteed money. Since they’d have to sell an unbelievable amount of tickets to break even, it wasn’t even close to worth it for them to come out. Which sucks, because both Adam and I were looking forward to seeing them. And it also sucks, because both of the openers left a bit to be desired.

Dirty Little Rabbits features Shawn Crahan on drums, better known as Clown from Slipknot. They have a female lead singer, and feature a keyboardist as well. The songs were, well, interesting to say the least. Kinda goofy, as the keyboard sounded like a pipe organ on most songs (think a circus or a fair). The songs were okay (they actually had melody, unlike say, HORSE The Band), but 1/2 hour was more than enough for them. The keyboard player dove into the drum kit at the end of the set. Sydonia was next, and they hail from Australia, where apparently metal isn’t very fast. Every song had the same plodding beat, and the singer just kinda whined through most of it. As Adam said, every time they’d start a song, they’d go through the intro, and just when you thought it was going to kick in and really rock…. nothing. They sounded good, they could have been better, but simply fell flat.

Then it was time for Stone Sour. For better or worse, the setlist was nearly identical to the March show in Niagara Falls, albeit two songs shorter (Take A Number and Tumult were missing), and even though Corey said he was a little sick, he didn’t sound terrible at all. It was gravelly and rough, but using the time-honored trick of letting the crowd sing the most strenuous parts, he got through pretty well. Adam and I hung back for the first two songs, but by the time they did Made of Scars, I had to get in the middle of things for a bit! I got my mosh on for a couple of tunes, and then right about the time they slowed things down for Wicked Game, I got out and watched the rest from the middle of the floor. They ran through the entire set with no encore, but nobody seemed to mind. The band sounded just as good as they did in March, and the crowd was really into the band, although I thought the turnout should have been larger (maybe not Armory large, but I don’t think it sold out Water Street either). I grabbed the setlist from the soundboard after the show, so you can see that below. The set, in order was: 30/30-150, Come What(ever) May, Made Of Scars, Reborn, Inhale, Your God, Monolith, Sillyworld, Wicked Game, Bother (with Sweet Home Alabama insert), Through Glass, Blotter, Hell & Consequences, Get Inside.

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