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11/17/2007 Chimaira, Kataklysm, Terror, Divine Heresy (Buffalo, NY @ Club Infinity)

By Eric | November 17, 2007 11:59 pm

This show was a communal gathering of sorts, as I met my Toronto friends Nick and Scott (the guys we met at the Black Light Burns show) in line, and also met Adam there, who happened to bring his friend Mary along. While we were waiting in line, we missed Stemm’s short set, so we got in as Divine Heresy was setting up. This was the band Scott and Nick made the trip for, as they were not on the bill for the Toronto stop of the tour. Divine Heresy is described as melodic death metal, but whatever you call them, they were pretty damn good. Fear Factory’s ex-guitar player, Dino Cazares formed the band with drummer Tim Yueng, who’s actually originally from Rochester (and one of the most famous extreme metal drummers), and singer Tommy Vext. It certainly helped that there were more than a handful of people there to see them, and the crowd was pretty into it. After their set, Terror was up next, and they are of a more hardcore persuasion, ala Hatebreed. Their stuff was pretty cool as well, and all the hardcore kids were doing their thing in the pit. They also have a Buffalo connection, as singer Scott Vogel used to be in Buried Alive. At this point, I headed back to the merch booth to check things out, and I finally bought the Stemm CD, two years later. Their guitar player Joe was back there, so I chatted him up for a little bit, mentioning I’d been seeing them since 2000 and to keep up the good work. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Anyway, next up was Kataklysm, a Canadian death metal band who have been around seemingly forever (1992), but I’d never heard of them before. They were quite good also, some of their riffs were awesome, and their drummer was quite talented. I was impressed with their set.

Then came the reason we were all there… Chimaira! They came out to the beginning sample from Nothing Remains, and then launched into the song, throwing everyone into a frenzy. They kept the momentum up with Worthless, then The Flame. Cleansation was next, followed by Needle. Needle featured a special guest, North Tonawanda’s own Andy Williams (from Every Time I Die) on bass, as Jim was in the back doing whatever. That led to No Reason To Live. Now it was time for the “Epic” part of the show, all 13 minutes of Implements of Destruction, which dovetailed into Six. Both were awesome, but I can’t help feeling that it sucked all the momentum out of the set. However, again, hearing Implements live was awesome, Mark played guitar, and they busted out a theremin in addition to Spicuzza’s samples! They did regain most of their footing though, by playing Resurrection next, followed by Severed. The Dehumanizing Process had the saddest excuse for the wall of death I think I’ve ever seen at a Chimaira show, but the performance was spot on. They sent everyone home tired and happy however, as the last two songs were Power Trip and Pure Hatred, back to back. The setlist seemed a little short, but considering there were four bands on before them, I can forgive it. The band sounded excellent as always, and the crowd was certainly into it! I snagged the setlist off the soundboard, bid farewell to everyone, and hightailed it back to Rochester. A great show all around!

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